January (Web-only) 2001

Rock's Real Rebels
Rock's Real RebelsSubscriber Access Only
Christians (and the god-haunted) make inroads into new territory
Top Ten Religion Stories 2000Subscriber Access Only
Events from the past year that will impact the years to come
Narnia Kicks Oz Over the RainbowSubscriber Access Only
Lutherans and Episcopalians unite, and other stories from media around the world.
The 10 Best Books of 2000Subscriber Access Only
The editor of Books & Culture magazine shares his top picks of the year
St. Peter's Final Resting Place Now Off LimitsSubscriber Access Only
Changing abortion wars, black pastors switch sides, and other stories from mainstream media sources around the world
Nigerian State Rejects Islamic LawSubscriber Access Only
Government commission says residents don't want shari'a in Gombe
Pope Reportedly Said Clinton Was Not Listening to MeSubscriber Access Only
Jews lose Yale lawsuit, crime against churches is reportedly on the rise, and other stories from around the world
The Heavens Declare the Glory of GodSubscriber Access Only
| Like Paul, Galileo believed that God made himself known through creation
Post-election Violence Rocks the Ivory CoastSubscriber Access Only
Religious tensions compound chaotic presidential and parliamentary elections
True Love Actually Does Wait, Study FindsSubscriber Access Only
More on teens and abstinence, and other stories from the mainstream media in the U.S. and abroad
On Being Human, Part 3Subscriber Access Only
| Did Natural History swallow an unscientific argument because it explained human experience in evolutionary terms?
Clinton Preaches While Bush (Reportedly) EvangelizesSubscriber Access Only
Lutherans and Episcopalians celebrate full communion, and other stories from mainstream media sources around the world
Indian Campaign Against Church CorruptionSubscriber Access Only
A new commission is looking to establish financial accountability for Christian leaders
Christian Music Sales Way Down, Especially in Christian StoresSubscriber Access Only
Jim Wallis on meeting Bush, a broadly ecumenical group is born, and other stories from around the world
Top 15 Orthodox Leaders Pledge to Work TogetherSubscriber Access Only
Only the Patriarch of Moscow abstained from the historic agreement.
Ten Movies That Made My 2000Subscriber Access Only
Film Forum's Steve Lansingh shares what he learned at the movies this year.
Religion—But Not Religious Politicians—Can Solve Nation's Ills, Says SurveySubscriber Access Only
Ireland's naked priest gets in trouble, and other stories from newspapers, magazines, and Web sites around the world
Episcopalians and Lutherans Celebrate Full CommunionSubscriber Access Only
Service inaugurates the 'beginning of the journey
'We Are Always In Persecution'Subscriber Access Only
Vietnam's Christians are arrested, tortured, and fined, even though the government claims to promote religious freedom
Signs and Wonders in the Russian Orthodox ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Jesus film banned in Russian town, and other religion stories from around the world
Salvation Army Closed in MoscowSubscriber Access Only
Moscow court decision turns city into a 'legal never-never land' for Christian charity
Crosswalk.com Lays Off Quarter of Its Staff, Replaces CEOSubscriber Access Only
Sen. Jesse Helms now wants more foreign aid, and other stories from around the world
Singing the Old, Old StorySubscriber Access Only
Hymns are one of the only remaining doors for the church's past to enter congregational life
Zambia's Churches Win Fight Against Anti-AIDS AdsSubscriber Access Only
Church leaders are concerned that condom promotion encourages promiscuity
Missionary Nurse Hiding in NicaraguaSubscriber Access Only
| Dorothy Granada says government's claims against her clinic are false
Letters to the EditorSubscriber Access Only
Readers respond to signs and wonders, def jams, righteous indignation, and other Christianity Today topics
Science Goes PostmodernSubscriber Access Only
David Foster Wallace creates math melodrama with his essay-review
Graham's Brain Shunt Fails, Evangelist Will Miss InaugurationSubscriber Access Only
More on Bush, Ashcroft, religion in politics, and other stories from mainstream media sources around the world
Girl Guides Earn a Badge in Condom Use?Subscriber Access Only
British counterpart of the Girl Scouts promotes new values in the U.K.
Christian Recovering from Grozny KidnappingSubscriber Access Only
All of Chechnya's believers must overcome the dreadful worries of the past.
World's First 'Legal' Gay Marriage Reportedly Takes Place in Canada, but Trials AwaitSubscriber Access Only
Franklin Graham will deliver inaugural invocation, and other stories from news sources around the Web
Same Old Song and DanceSubscriber Access Only
Christian Critics review Save the Last Dance, Traffic, All the Pretty Horses, and other films.
Focus on the Family Sues Over Ex-Gay Ad BanSubscriber Access Only
Supreme Court denies Indianapolis Baptist Temple appeal, and other stories from international media sources
New Episcopal Ecumenism and Interfaith Officer AppointedSubscriber Access Only
Former Bishop of Iowa, Christopher Epting, wants to improve relations with Jewish and Muslim faiths.
Jesse Jackson: I am Father to a Daughter who Was Born Outside of my Marriage.Subscriber Access Only
The Graham Staines murder claims another life, and other stories from media outlets around the world
Minorities Accuse Council of Off-Road TheologySubscriber Access Only
Critics force the Latin American Council of Churches to withdraw its Theology on the Road mission document
Laura Bush Wants to Keep Roe v. WadeSubscriber Access Only
Mark Noll on The Opening of the Evangelical Mind, and other stories from media sources around the world and around the Web.
This Is Your LifeSubscriber Access Only
Exploring the well-worn sawdust trail between fundamentalists and evangelicals
Truth and Justice in the PhilippinesSubscriber Access Only
Filipino churches urge members to join in anti-Estrada protests.
Three U.S. Catholics Among 37 New CardinalsSubscriber Access Only
Prolife activists respond to Laura Bush, and other news stories from around the world.
Pastor Charged with Speaking for Unregistered OrganizationSubscriber Access Only
Case dismissed on technicality for pastor from Minsk, but courts are still deciding the fate of the Association for Religious Freedom in Belarus.
Bush Overturns Clinton Act, Reinstates Ban on Overseas Abortion AidSubscriber Access Only
Britain okays embryo cloning, and more stories from mainstream news sources around the world
What Are Movies, Anyway?Subscriber Access Only
Christian film critics discuss the relationship between art, entertainment, and education in cinema.
Colson's Justice Fellowship in Financial TroubleSubscriber Access Only
Do our brains create spiritual experiences? And other stories from publications around the Internet.
Russian Intellectuals Try to Revive AtheismSubscriber Access Only
The Moscow Society of Atheists says its ideology has fallen out of fashion
Would a Simple Amen Have Been More Appropriate at the Inauguration?Subscriber Access Only
Britain sniffs at American prolife sentiment, and other stories from news outlets around the world.
Did God Blind the Secret Service?Subscriber Access Only
Colson speaks on the Watergate burglary, and other important stories from media sources around the world
1,700 Years of FaithSubscriber Access Only
Armenian Christians celebrate their heritage and look to their future
Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary?Subscriber Access Only
Experiencing Marian devotion as a Protestant
Christianity Today Isn't Narrow, Self Righteous, and Fun Loathing, Say ColumnistsSubscriber Access Only
Earthquake relief controversy in India, and other articles and columns from mainstream media sources around the world
Church Attacks Increasing in the U.K.Subscriber Access Only
Insurance figures show attacks on church workers and property are growing.
Bush Opens Office for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, with John DiIulio at the HelmSubscriber Access Only
The Bushes go church shopping, and other religion-and-politics stories from newspapers, magazines, and other media around the world.
Lutherans Criticize El Salvador's Earthquake AidSubscriber Access Only
Church organization says aid is disproportionately granted to victims for political reasons.
While Hollywood Flops in its Treatment of Religion, Christian Films Aim HighSubscriber Access Only
Indian politician charges quake was God's judgment, and other stories from mainstream news media around the world
U.K. Ex-Gay Ministry Quits Effort, Says Trying Changing Orientation Is HopelessSubscriber Access Only
: Left Behind makes the front page of The Washington Post and Los Angeles Times, the National Prayer Breakfast, and other stories from around the world.
Dangerous Myth-ConceptionsSubscriber Access Only
A new book traces the origins of historical misunderstandings about Christianity.
A Beautiful MindSubscriber Access Only
Ron Howard's Oscar-winning film packs an unintentional biblical message.
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneSubscriber Access Only
Is the big-screen Harry Potter as delightful as the one in the book? And should you be worried about his witchcraft? Critics and viewers respond.
Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingSubscriber Access Only
Christianity Today Movies did not review this film, but here's what other critics are saying ...
Top 12 Christian Albums of 2001Subscriber Access Only
Freelance music critic for the ChristianityToday.com music channel.
Top 12 Christian Albums of 2001Subscriber Access Only
Associate editor for Today's Christian Woman magazine, as well as the singles and music channels.
Top 12 Christian Albums of 2001Subscriber Access Only
Co-director for the ChristianityToday.com music channel.
Top 12 Christian Albums of 2001Subscriber Access Only
Managing editor for Campus Life magazine.
Top 12 Christian Albums of 2001Subscriber Access Only
Music critic and co-director of the ChristianityToday.com music channel.
Top 12 Christian Albums of 2001Subscriber Access Only
It's worth mentioning that this album was independently released in 1999. However, it was only widely distributed beginning March 2001. We also suspect that most critics did not fairly consider Conversations for their 1999 best-of lists because it was an independent release at the time.
Christmas Music Wrap-Up 2001Subscriber Access Only
Christmas Music Wrap-Up 2001Subscriber Access Only
Page Two
Erasers On PencilsSubscriber Access Only
Ceili Rain (Cross Driven Records)
Katy HudsonSubscriber Access Only
Katy Hudson (Red Hill Records)
Favorite Worship Albums of 2002Subscriber Access Only
Our top picks of the best worship albums from the last year, an annual list that we started last year just before September 11th.

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How I Explained Beirut’s Explosion to My Kids
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