• The current universe has evolved through natural law.

• Truth has been given through countless ages by various Buddhas or enlightened beings.

• Gautama Buddha, who lived 2,500 years ago, is the teacher for our era.

• While salvation depends on individual effort, the Buddhist is to take refuge in the Buddha, his teaching (dharma) and the Buddhist community (sangha).

• The Buddha taught Four Noble Truths: (1) suffering is real; (2) suffering is caused by selfish desire; (3) suffering will cease when selfish desire is eliminated; and (4) selfish desire will cease through following the Noble Eightfold Path.

• The Noble Eightfold Path that leads to nirvana involves (1) Right View, (2) Right Resolve, (3) Right Speech, (4) Right Action, (5) Right Livelihood, (6) Right Effort, (7) Right Mindfulness, and (8) Right Concentration.

• All living things are subject to the law of karma, the principle of cause and effect, which controls the cycle of reincarnation.

• The Buddhist is to abstain from killing, stealing, forbidden sex, lying, and the use of illicit drugs and liquor.

• There is no God or Supreme Creator.

• Buddhism is not irrational, pessimistic, or nihilistic.

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