Billy goes to Louisville
You can read the Chicago Tribune's front-page article on Billy Graham's weekend crusade in Louisville, Kentucky, but you can't see the 7.5-by-5.5-inch image that takes up most of the space above the fold: Graham being kissed by two of the members of Christian band dc Talk. Oh well; there are more pictures from the crusade available from the Associated Press. (And speaking of demonstrations of love between rock musicians and famous older men, did you hear that Sen. Jesse Helms attended a U2 concert last Thursday? Bono even sent a thank-you note.)

There's not a lot of earth-shattering news from the crusade itself: Franklin Graham told the Tribune, "I look out at the audience, and I think this may be the last time I'll see him like this," but with Graham's recent failing health, that's not a real shocker. No, for the most part it was all part of the same story; as usual, the crusade broke attendance records, as usual there was a night of special emphasis on youth, as usual Graham used rock lyrics, humor, fancy technologies, and simple words to get his point across, and as usual both Christians and non-Christians showed up and both groups rushed forward to dedicate their lives to Jesus. But sometimes the old, old stories are the really good ones—the ones that change lives. (Graham, by the way, has another crusade scheduled for October in Fresno, California. But if you can't get enough of the evangelist who founded Christianity Today, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association will be offering streaming video of the Louisville crusade over the Internet starting Thursday.)

Bush will add "stricter controls" on funds to get his faith-based initiative through Money going to faith-based organizations under the ...

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