June (Web-only) 2001

Three Chords and the Truth
Three Chords and the TruthSubscriber Access Only
Christian singer-songwriters take their faith into the culture of chiming guitars and protest songs
Debutante FictionSubscriber Access Only
The New Yorker should have paid less attention to the novelty of its writers and more attention to their writing.
PCUSA Opens Door to Gay Ordination and Other Ways to SalvationSubscriber Access Only
The real big news out of the denomination's General Assembly may not be its revoking of its ban on gay ministers.
Supreme Court Declines to Hear Three Cases on Religion in SchoolsSubscriber Access Only
"Religious use and student-led prayer seem to be okay, but Bible reading in class isn't. What does the Supreme Court really think about public religion?"
The War for Narnia ContinuesSubscriber Access Only
Charles Colson, Andrew Greeley, Frederica Mathewes-Green, and Lauren Winner join the battle—and Doug Gresham comes out to reply.
Anglican Liturgist Welcomes Vatican Warning on 'Politically Correct' LiturgySubscriber Access Only
"Gender-specific alterations seemed hypocritical, inconsistent, says British theologian."
Disney Goes Back Under the SeaSubscriber Access Only
"Atlantis is flashy, but critics claim it's too full holes to stay afloat. Plus Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and a wrap-up of the great Shrek debate."
Greek Orthodox Priest Falls Victim to Middle East ConflictSubscriber Access Only
Monks worry they may appear as threats to each warring side
Slovakia's Catholics and Lutherans Reach Agreement on BaptismSubscriber Access Only
Signing clears the way for the common celebration of other inter-church accords.
Pestilence and Famine at Crosswalk.comSubscriber Access Only
"Billy is back, the Roman Coliseum was really, really bad, and links to more than 110 other religion and ethics news stories from around the world."
Sydney's New Archbishop Retreats in Row Over Prime Minister and the AlmightySubscriber Access Only
But Peter Jensen stands by his criticism of government's attitude toward stolen generation of Aboriginal children
The Communion TestSubscriber Access Only
How a Humble Inquiry into the nature of the church cost Jonathan Edwards his job.
"Billy Graham's Same, Wonderful Old Story"Subscriber Access Only
Bush and Rosa Parks join together to push the faith-based initiative.
"Bomb Explosion During Mass Stirs Fear, Public Outcry in Bangladesh"Subscriber Access Only
Suspects linked to rash of attacks
"Fortune May Favor the Brave, but Apparently Not the Religious"Subscriber Access Only
The Christian Century criticizes Henri Nouwen and The Jesus Seminar while promoting the regulation of sex.
Eco-MythsSubscriber Access Only
Don't believe everything you hear about the church and the environmental crisis.
Why We Love the EarthSubscriber Access Only
"Our belief in a Creator, not crisis scenarios, drives our environmental concerns."
The Anglican Mission in America Grows—and So Do Anglican Leaders' Criticisms of ItSubscriber Access Only
The Orlando Sentinel gets the facts on the arrest of Crosswalk.com's CEO.
"Speed, Greed, and other Animal Behaviors"Subscriber Access Only
"What Christian and mainstream critics are saying about Dr. Dolittle 2, The Fast and the Furious, Sexy Beast, The Anniversary Party, and other cinematic options."
The Talents Aren't Just a Parable Any MoreSubscriber Access Only
Religious investing is on the rise—but so are religious investment frauds
"Charitable Choice Makes It Out of Committee, But Is It Too Compromised?"Subscriber Access Only
"The continuing missionary work of the kidnapped Burnhams, Dylan joins the company of angels and archangels, and many other stories from news sources around the world"
Truth's Intrepid AmbassadorSubscriber Access Only
"The architect of the Great Books, Mortimer Adler, moved beyond big ideas to the mysteries of faith."
Endangered HistorySubscriber Access Only
The National Trust's list of imperiled places gives unnoticed gems a chance to shine
Foes Claim BJP is Using Arms Training to Win Crucial Election in IndiaSubscriber Access Only
Fears mount that reason for camps is to galvanize support for temple construction
God Banned from NarniaSubscriber Access Only
Missionaries still held by terrorists despite military attack and other stories from mainstream media around the world.
History BullySubscriber Access Only
Christian scholars speak not-so-softly over a big sticking point: Theodore Roosevelt's faith
Australia's Church Leader's Views on Sexuality Ignite ControversySubscriber Access Only
Head of country's Anglicans calls for blessing of same-sex friendships.
Australia's Churches Call On Nation to Acknowledge 'Stolen Generations'Subscriber Access Only
"Country's National Council of Churches demands apology, compensation to Aboriginals"
Chaplains Alarmed at Europe's Rising Prison PopulationsSubscriber Access Only
"Privatization of jails, restorative justice also chief concerns at recent meeting."
Pilot of Missionary Plane Partly Blamed for ShootingSubscriber Access Only
"Ministering to youth, sex offenders, and mentally ill ; and other stories from media around the world"
Five Anglicans in Court After Rescuing Teenagers From Arranged MarriagesSubscriber Access Only
Priests claim Christian sisters are being forced into Islam
"Church School Used to Train Militias, Zimbabwe Politician Says"Subscriber Access Only
Youths reportedly instructed in political violence techniques in run-up to election.
Zimbabwean Archbishop Warns That Church Must Stand Against InjusticeSubscriber Access Only
Article in church newspaper is thinly veiled criticism of Mugabe government.
Leading Anglican Priest Protests by Cutting Ties With Church in ZimbabweSubscriber Access Only
White clergyman upset with appointment of bishop and with President Mugabe.
A Bishop and Two Theologians Propose a Radical Reform in College of CardinalsSubscriber Access Only
Italian media speculate some cardinals could suggest an update of the papal election process.
Bush Says Faith-Based Initiative Critics 'Don't Understand the Power of Faith'Subscriber Access Only
"ABC News replaces religion correspondent Peggy Wehmeyer with a robot (kind of), and other stories from media sources around the world."
God's Kingdom 'Is Grinding to a Halt Under Consultations and Meetings'Subscriber Access Only
"Mission at risk, says senior bishop in Church of England"
"As Canadian Synod Faces Bankruptcy, Bishops Plead With Government"Subscriber Access Only
Anglican bishops appeal to prime minister for intervention
Canadian Politician Works With Churches to Resolve Abuse CrisisSubscriber Access Only
Deputy prime minister meets with church leaders to resolve court cases.
"Kidnapped Missionaries Injured, Threatened With Death"Subscriber Access Only
"A hot summer's a-brewin', and other stories from mainstream media sources around the world"
Pop Goes the MusicalSubscriber Access Only
"Moulin Rouge stirs critics into several debates, plus reviews of The Animal, What's The Worst That Could Happen? and Startup.com."
Militants Blamed for Death of Three Missionaries in IndiaSubscriber Access Only
"5,000 attend funeral, Catholic schools close in mourning"
Churches Adopt Entire Villages in Devastated Gujarat to Help the HomelessSubscriber Access Only
Charities aim to meet basic needs after January's western India earthquake.
Communist-Backed Orthodox Priest Loses Election for Kerala AssemblySubscriber Access Only
Nooranal's electoral campaign annoyed some Christians with support of Communists.
Guilty Verdicts All AroundSubscriber Access Only
"As nuns are convicted of genocide, military officers and priest get verdict in 1998 death of bishop. Plus other stories from media around the world"
Visiting the Other SideSubscriber Access Only
"The Israelites spent time on both sides of the Jordan. Now tourists can, too"
Aid Expert Warns That North Korea Faces Renewed Food ShortagesSubscriber Access Only
Churches leading the way to aid 1.8 million ton food shortage
"As Politicians Draw Up Election Plans, Dutch Churches Speak Out For Poor"Subscriber Access Only
"Council recommends erasing unpayable debts, focusing on homelessness"
Saint Teddy?Subscriber Access Only
"Yes, Roosevelt paid the usual presidential respects to Christianity, but didn't show much explicit personal devotion to it."
Grief Observed Over Abolition of Lewis's Mere ChristianitySubscriber Access Only
"Supreme Court okays Christian elementary school club, and American missionaries are still alive"
Blessed John XXIII's Remains Are Now On View At St Peter'sSubscriber Access Only
Second Vatican Council pope becomes only third placed on display in glass coffin.
Christians Say Sikh Book Threatens Centuries of Harmony Between FaithsSubscriber Access Only
"Author arrested on three counts, including derogatory language."
Churches Want To Revive Ancient Tradition of Truce During 2004 OlympiadSubscriber Access Only
Plans for Athens games to be outlined in September
Abu Sayyaf Rebels Say They've Killed an American HostageSubscriber Access Only
"Graham Staines' alleged murderer goes on a hunger strike, and historian Allen Guelzo outlines the case for slavery reparations."
Repentant Pilferers Return Hotel Towels and Cash After Sermon on TheftSubscriber Access Only
"Four out of ten attending Ten Commandments series are not Christians, preacher estimates."
Polish Ex-Priest Remains Defiant After Libel SentenceSubscriber Access Only
Court rules Roman Kotlinski violated the good name of the Catholic archdiocese with claims of financial misdeeds
Poland's Catholic Bishops Ask Forgiveness for Wartime Massacre of JewsSubscriber Access Only
Theologian says continued anti-Semitism overshadows gesture
Forget Televangelists ; How About Going to Church to Watch TV?Subscriber Access Only
"People who pray too much, and television networks losing religion in the U.S. and abroad."
India Election Results Rattle Ruling NationalistsSubscriber Access Only
Hindu BJP getting irrelevant day by day say rivals
Catholic Protesters Make Language an Issue in Choice of Indian BishopSubscriber Access Only
Retiring Archbishop says the campaign is the work of only a handful of people.
European Churches Declare Immigrants Are Not 'Potential Criminals'Subscriber Access Only
"Petitions submitted to the European Union for more protection, aid."
Does Shrek Really End Happily Ever After?Subscriber Access Only
"Also, critics respond to Swordfish, Evolution, and The Road Home, plus more reader recommendations"
Beyond the 6-3 Votes That MatteredSubscriber Access Only
Newspaper editorials weigh in on Good News Club v. Milford School District. Plus other stories from mainstream media around the world
Nigeria Officials Press Northern Governors to Scale Back Islamic LawSubscriber Access Only
Churches harassed by Islamic youths purporting to enforce the law
Three Military Officials and a Priest Jailed for Killing Guatemalan BishopSubscriber Access Only
"Since the 1998 death, six witnesses, a prosecutor, and a judge have fled in fear of their lives"
New Tribes Mission Goes DarkSubscriber Access Only
"Jars of Clay's latest hit is Pomp and Circumstance, and other stories from media sources around the world."
NAE President Resigns in Wake of Financial WoesSubscriber Access Only
"In the process of change, you also create friction, says Kevin Mannoia"
Mega-MinistersSubscriber Access Only
Bill Hybels and fourth-century preaching star John Chrysostom would have a lot to talk about

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Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Racism in America is a white person's sin issue that can only be resolved by white America.