Nuns guilty of genocide
Roman Catholic nuns Sister Gertrude, 42, and Sister Maria Kisito, 36, were convicted of multiple counts of homicide yesterday by a Belgian court. Prosecutors said that the two had driven 7,000 refugees from their convent during the widespread violence between Rwandan Hutus and Tutsis in 1994. The Tutsi asylum seekers were then beaten to death by Hutu gangs. In another instance, 500 Tutsis were burned alive in the convent garage. Of the 55 counts against the nuns, the jury delivered guilty verdicts in 39, not-guilty verdicts in 4, and was unable to decide in 12 (the judge is likely to rule on these instead). Two other defendants, a university professor and a factory owner, were also found guilty of multiple homicide counts.

Four, including priest, convicted of Guatemalan bishop's murder
Retired Gutatemalan army Col. Byron Lima Estrada, his son Byron Lima Oliva, and former presidential bodyguard Jose Obdulio Villanueva were found guilty this morning of murder and each sentenced with 30 years in prison. Roman Catholic priest Mario Orantes was found guilty of being an accessory and was sentenced to 20 years. The four were charged with the April 1998 murder of Bishop Juan Gerardi, a vocal critic of the Guatemalan military. The case itself was marked with violence, as death threats and attacks were made on the trial judges. After the verdict, Oliva accused the judges of taking bribes. Yeah, that's it. What kind of judge, faced with one side bombing his home while the another side is offering him cash, is going to go with the cash? This was a pretty crazy trial—at one point the late bishop's dog was arrested as a suspect—but it may not be over. The murderers' lawyers say they'll appeal. Meanwhile, the Guatemalan Catholic church is also accusing former president Alvaro Arzu of involvement in Gerardi's murder.

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