With apparent criticism from evangelicals, Bush turns to Catholics
Remember back during the campaign when George Bush was accused of "Catholic bashing" simply for speaking at Bob Jones University? Apparently those days are long gone. These days, Bush is being criticized for too much courting Roman Catholics. "He's certainly met with more Catholics than evangelicals," Richard Cizik, vice president for government affairs for National Association of Evangelicals tells the Los Angeles Times. "It's probably hurt him with the religious right because they've felt ignored. … This could come back to bite him." Is Cizik serious? The religious right feels ignored by Bush? Granted, Bush has been spending a lot of time with Catholics lately; just yesterday he attended the dedication of the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center and had invited several cardinals and bishops over to the East Room on Wednesday evening. But he's certainly met with evangelicals, too, and evangelical Protestants have been key players in forming and supporting (not just criticizing) Bush's faith-based initiative. Sounds like a strange accusation to Weblog.

Speaking of Bush's dedication of the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center, Bush used his speech there to praise the pope's opposition to abortion, saying John Paul II is "never more eloquent than when he speaks for a culture of life." "We must defend in love the innocent child waiting to be born," said the president. The $65 million papal museum, housed on the Catholic University of America campus, "combines solemn spirituality and high-tech entertainment," says The Washington Post. The tech aspect sounds pretty cool, and very interactive. And the religious aspect sounds, well, pretty evangelical. Visitors are encouraged ...

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