Raëlians oversee first cloned birth
A religious sect announced today that a woman has given birth to her own clone. The Raëlians, followers of a French journalist who believe space aliens formed the Earth, say the cloned baby girl was born yesterday and is named Eve.

Earlier this year, Clonaid, a cloning lab formed by the Raëlians, announced that it was overseeing five cloned pregnancies. Clonaid director Dr. Brigitte Boisselier said today at a news conference that the baby, born in an unspecified foreign country, will go home in three days. At that time, an independent investigator will use DNA tests to prove that Eve is a clone.

At today's press conference however, Boisselier gave no evidence that Eve is a clone or even exists. She did however say that the girl looks just like her mother.

Former CU quarterback left partly for religious reasons
In September, the former starting quarterback for the University of Colorado football team walked away from the game and the school. This week, he told the Rocky Mountain News that a series of disagreements over playing time and game decisions led to him leaving the program but "the last straw" was the head coach's interference in a team prayer.

"Things went from a football level to a personal level," Ochs told the Rocky Mountain News. "You can overlook some of the things in football, but I think it's obvious to anybody who knows me how serious I take my faith. [The coach] mocked me and my faith in God in front of the team."

The former junior co-captain said the prayer incident occurred at an August 18 practice. He said that as he was praying for the team, coach Gary Barnett interrupted and finished the prayer himself in an "inappropriate and obnoxious" manner.

In reaction to the claim, ...

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