My first year steering Film Forum through reviews, debates, and discussions has been an education. It hasn't been the most memorable year for movies. But we've experienced a continental shift in the conversation regarding violence on the big screen. For example, after the release of In the Bedroom, letters demonstrated that the wounds of September 11 were still raw and there was an urgency to viewers' soul-searching as they questioned the ethics of revenge.

I've also seen just how many ways, in conversation, in print, and online, that Christians can respond to their culture. Many believers will only accept and praise films that bear a blatant scriptural sermon to the audience. Others warn Christians away from the cinema, treating contemporary secular films as poisonous. Some approach the multiplex as though they're stepping into a minefield, carefully marking anything that might offend or "corrupt" them.

Recently I have had the privilege of participating in a new endeavor—The Promontory Film Critics' Circle. Several critics frequently excerpted in Film Forum are now working in concert to cultivate in-depth conversation among Christians about movies, how they should be made, and what they mean. (The group is being organized by Doug Cummings of Chiaroscuro, Steve Lansingh of The Film Forum, and myself.) I hope Film Forum serves a similar purpose for you in the coming year, leading you to rewarding perspectives, making moviegoing a more nourishing experience.

Hot from the Oven Enough about the last year at Film Forum. There are other backward-looking endeavors to consider. One of literature's most beloved sci-fi writers, H.G. Wells, has given us The Invisible Man, The War of the Worlds, and the often-adapted The Time Machine. ...

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