March (Web-only) 2002

Everybody's a Director
Everybody's a DirectorSubscriber Access Only
CleanFlicks and Movie Mask give film fans an alternative.
CCM's Growing Pains
CCM's Growing PainsSubscriber Access Only
A survey of labels finds the message—if not the creativity—is intact.
'Must Be Superstition'Subscriber Access Only
Rediscovering spiritual reality.
Graham Says 1972 Oval Office Comments 'Do Not Reflect my Views, and I Sincerely Apologize'Subscriber Access Only
Plus: Franklin praised for stance on AIDS, and the latest news on freeing the Burnhams.
On Befriending PresidentsSubscriber Access Only
Billy Graham's relationship with Richard Nixon was already a controversy in 1972.
Battle for NRB Heats Up as Dobson, Moody Square OffSubscriber Access Only
Robert Neff calls Focus on the Family head's actions ungodly, Dobson says he's victim of smear campaign.
Is the Worst Yet to Come?Subscriber Access Only
After 600 Indians die in last week's riots, Hindu temple plans may spur continued religious violence.
Graham Was Seduced By Power, Say PunditsSubscriber Access Only
Plus: After Victoria's Secret special, ABC covers up for Bond, President Bush's faith, and other stories from around the world.
We Were Soldiers, But Who Were We?Subscriber Access Only
What critics are saying about We Were Soldiers and 40 Days and 40 Nights, and readers respond about the ethics of ghost stories.
California's Dark Horse Known for his Christian ActivitiesSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Andrea Yates's religion, the actor who wouldn't swear, and other stories from around the world.
Burnhams Spotted and Videotaped As the 'Good Guys' Take Hostages of Their OwnSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Plus: Unchurched America, stopping Nazareth's mosque, praying against abortion, and other stories from around the world.
Broadcasters Aim to Cool NRB ControversySubscriber Access Only
Dobson, Neff make gestures to mend wounds.
Don't Touch That DialSubscriber Access Only
Could a bitter debate among religious broadcasters really cause a full-scale split in evangelicalism?
Chester Cathedral Finds Medieval Inspiration for New Bottled BeerSubscriber Access Only
Ale sales planned to keep the cathedral free to visitors.
Missionaries May Be Target Of FARC GuerrillasSubscriber Access Only
U.S. embassy in Colombia issues warning to missionaries and churches.
Was Billy Graham an Anti-Semite? The Commentaries Continue.Subscriber Access Only
Being a good church vs. being a good neighbor, and other stories from around the world.
Catholic Welcome for Israeli Decision on Controversial Mosque in NazarethSubscriber Access Only
Allowing the mosque to be built would be seen as yielding to violence, Israeli official says
Afghanistan, Land of OpportunitySubscriber Access Only
Missionaries shot over Peru aren't suing government, priest's dog kidnaped, and other stories from around the world
Bush Puts $135 Million Behind Abstinence from SexSubscriber Access Only
When our children face a choice between self-restraint and self-destruction, government should not be neutral.
Long Island Priest Shot During MassSubscriber Access Only
Eugene Rivers accused of discrimination, the growth of Asian-American churches, and other stories from around the world
Looking Back, Leaping ForwardSubscriber Access Only
What critics are saying about The Time Machine, Monsoon Wedding, All About the Benjamins, Moulin Rouge, recent war films, and teen sex in the movies
Broadcasts Include Dobson's NRB Speech on Focus and the F-Word on Network TVSubscriber Access Only
The Ten Commandments, St. Benedict's business advice, and other stories.
Adam and Eve in AmericaSubscriber Access Only
In 1990, readers first revealed what they thought it means to be created male and female
Can We Talk?Subscriber Access Only
We may never resolve all our differences about women in leadership, but we can help each other toward better understanding
The End of Christian Fundamentalism?Subscriber Access Only
Maundy Tuesday, the unreal real St. Patrick, and many other articles from news sources around the world
The Politics of PatrickSubscriber Access Only
In the field of Irish history, every turn of phrase hints at the author's spin
Abstinence, the Radical Choice for Sex EdSubscriber Access Only
America's Homegrown Islam—and Its ProphetSubscriber Access Only
The strange story of Elijah Muhammad, leader of the Nation of Islam and onetime mentor of Malcolm X.
The State of the GameSubscriber Access Only
After one of the best World Series ever, baseball faces a crisis
Five Killed, Dozens Wounded in Pakistan Church AttackSubscriber Access Only
Critics accept Billy Graham's second apology for 1972 comments
Which Version Should We Use?Subscriber Access Only
What we said when the NIV was first published.
Archbishop of Cali Shot to DeathSubscriber Access Only
Tony Hall leaves Congress but not his campaign against hunger, and other stories from online sources around the world
How the Clergy Sexual Abuse Scandal Affects Evangelical ChurchesSubscriber Access Only
Sin and secrecy aren't limited to Roman Catholics, say pastors and scholars
Richard Land, The Un-Falwell?Subscriber Access Only
Bush adviser reassures Family Research Council, lying, cheating pastors, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Back to the Ice Age, Forward to the OscarsSubscriber Access Only
What critics are saying about Ice Age, Showtime, Resident Evil, Metropolis, Harrison's Flowers, Trembling before G-d, and Maryam
Peru Missionaries Get Money and 'Regret,' But No ApologySubscriber Access Only
Google forced to remove anti-Scientology links, studies say faith-based organizations really are more effective, and other
Nigeria Moves Against Shari'ahSubscriber Access Only
U.S. government said ABWE had to let it off the hook for Peru plane shooting or missionaries wouldn't get paid, and other stories from around the world
The Other Holy Day
The Other Holy DaySubscriber Access Only
In the rush toward Good Friday and Easter, don't forget Maundy Thursday
Ghostwriting: A Borderline Deceit?Subscriber Access Only
The evangelical world is being plagued by ghostwriters in the sky
Pakistan Grenade Attack Survivors Worship and WeepSubscriber Access Only
On the Sunday after March 17 attack, church members regather in Islamabad
Carl McIntire, 'P.T. Barnum of Fundamentalism,' Dies at 95Subscriber Access Only
Marathon messes up D.C. services, and mixed news on Shari'ah in Nigeria
Baseball 2002 PreviewSubscriber Access Only
Part 2: Saving the game
Palm Sunday Service Bombed, Priest and 2 Girls KilledSubscriber Access Only
The GOP woos black clergy, the Easter Bunny meets Santa, and other stories from online sources around the world
On The Run from Police, Iranian Christian Survives Church AttackSubscriber Access Only
Fleeing persecution with no passport, refugee witnesses last week's grenade murders in Pakistan
$3 Million Paid to Free Burnhams? Governments, New Tribes Mission Say NoSubscriber Access Only
Britain's right to die case, blaming the Bible for the church's ills, and other stories from online sources around the world
Who Writes Charles Colson's Columns?Subscriber Access Only
The LA Times was wrong when it said Colson just signs off on staffwriting, says CT's editor
Bloody SundaySubscriber Access Only
Five killed in grenade attack inside Islamabad church
House's Faith-Based Initiatives Bill May Not Be Dead YetSubscriber Access Only
How gender-inclusive is the Southern Baptists' new Bible? And more stories from online sources around the world
Easter EloquenceSubscriber Access Only
The holiday has inspired great words from some of history's greatest preachers
The Second Coming of E.T.Subscriber Access Only
an alien Christ figure back to the big screen. Does the movie still work 20 years later? Plus: Critical responses to Blade 2, Taliesin Jones, Sorority Boys, 40 Days and 40 Nights, and Death to Smoochy. And what's this about a revival in Hollywood?
Christian Critics Argue with the OscarsSubscriber Access Only
This year's Oscars offered glimpses of gratitude and truth, but a whole lot of hooey as well

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George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
George Floyd Left a Gospel Legacy in Houston
As a person of peace, “Big Floyd” opened up ministry opportunities in the Third Ward housing projects.