Rocking the Boat

The article on Bono was interesting yet troubling ["Bono's American Prayer," March]. I deeply respect Bono's efforts in Africa and agree with him that the U.S. church has the tendency to ignore this tragedy, but Bono's theology seems shaky.

His modified Christianity seems to compartmentalize his relationship with Christ. He doesn't want to be a "poster child" for Christianity, but aren't we all supposed to be witnesses for Christ, rock stars or not?

Bono also expresses his disdain for institutionalized religion and does not attend church regularly. The Bible teaches us to be members of the body of Christ in order to grow spiritually.

Perhaps Bono doesn't want to come out strongly as a Christian so he can still appear on awards shows, drop the f-word excessively, appear drunk, and cross-dress on cd covers.

May Bono's humanitarian efforts for Africa—a realm of concern pioneered and sustained by Christians—reap abundant fruit.

I do not want Bono's apparent bitterness to distort the longstanding reality of effective Christian outreach to Africa. All my life I have watched churches send and support compassion to Africa.

My church today is blessed with many African refugees. I personally know as many missionaries devoted to Africa as I know of rock stars. And they trust in more than just money and AIDS drugs to make a difference there.

But bless Bono for bringing money and drugs to the table.

It is disheartening to see CT using its front cover for Bono, who uses disgusting language on television and now instructs the Christian church (which he left long ago) on church matters.

Christian missions in Africa have cared for lepers, the dying, and the downtrodden in disease-ridden, forgotten places. Mission hospitals in Africa ...

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