Recently, we asked readers to submit their lists of Desert Island Discs—the ten DVDs they'd want with them if they were stranded on a remote island. See, it's a very nice island, complete with a DVD player and a 60-inch plasma screen. Why talk incoherently to a volleyball named "Wilson" when you can watch your favorite flicks over and over and over again?

We received lots of replies, and we're reprinting all of the lists right here (with the exception of a few who submitted way more than 10, or who didn't play by the rules, or whatever.) Many readers picked The Lord of the Rings trilogy (extended edition), even though it meant giving up three of the 10 spots on their list, and a number picked the original Star Wars trilogy. Many picked The Princess Bride. More than a few chose Groundhog Day. And only three picked The Passion of The Christ, presumably because it's not a film you'd wanted to watch repeatedly.

I especially enjoyed the lists crafted not just of favorite movies, but with the theme—stranded on an island—in mind. Still, to that end, only three readers included Cast Away on their lists.

W. David Winner, for example, said he'd start with The Lord of the Rings trilogy because "adventures on the island would parallel life in Middle Earth." His list also included the original Star Wars trilogy ("I could practice The Force with coconuts and bamboo"), George of the Jungle ("to make me laugh, and to teach the animals how to be like Ape"), The Outlaw Josey Wales ("a great western to pass the time"), The Shawshank Redemption ("a great film about perseverance and what a little hammer can do to a big wall"), and Finding Nemo ("so I can learn to talk to all the fishes and practice my whale").

Nicholas Kleszczewski's ...

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