"I'm at a crossroads waiting for a sign … I'm no stranger to this place/Where real life and dreams collide/And even though I fall from grace/I will keep the dream alive." — from "Keep the Dream Alive"

Most rock fans would likely agree that Oasis is one of the last bands you'd expect to read about in a column called "Glimpses of God." But despite the Gallagher brothers' reputation for fighting with each other and other bands, for their drug use and slew of promiscuous relationships, Noel and Liam seem to be growing up (a little, at least) and exploring the real meaning of life on their latest disc, Don't Believe the Truth.

Interestingly enough, Noel has been asking his friend Bono, U2's frontman, about spiritual matters, particularly faith in Christ. In an interview with London's Sunday Times Magazine, Gallagher said he told Bono, "I'm Catholic same as you. Can you explain it to me?" He told the Times that Bono sat down for two hours and explained his faith. Gallagher even later asked Bono how a wealthy rock star prays. While it hasn't been stated exactly what Bono said during the conversation, Gallagher remarked that, "He made tons of sense."

Then, according to Gallagher, Bono sent a package a few days later to Noel and his girlfriend Sara that included Philip Yancey's book, What's So Amazing About Grace? "And [Bono's] dad had just died," Gallagher said. "How difficult must that be? Takes time out because two people were interested. What a guy."

The story would later take a interesting turn, however, when Noel's brother Liam slammed Bono's attempts to convert him to Christianity, dubbing his efforts "boring." Despite his brother's recent admission that he regularly goes to church to confess his sins, Liam isn't ...

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