The Incredibles. Holes. Spirited Away. Pirates of the Caribbean. Finding Nemo. Toy Story 2. Lilo and Stitch. The Rookie. The Emperor's New Groove. Remember the Titans. The Straight Story. Tarzan. The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

What do these films have in common?

They were all released by Walt Disney Pictures in the last nine years. And that is how long that the American Family Association, a Christian organization, has been boycotting Disney films due to the company's policies regarding homosexuality.

Last week, Tim Wildmon, AFA president, said that the company was dropping the boycott due to "positive signs" that Disney has shown improvement in certain areas, particularly regarding what he described as "arrogance" and an "embrace of the homosexual lifestyle."

"We feel after nine years of boycotting Disney we have made our point," Wildmon said. "Boycotts have always been a last resort for us at AFA, and Disney's attitude, arrogance, and embrace of the homosexual lifestyle gave us no choice but to advocate a boycott of the company these last few years."

How effective was the boycott? Disney will proceed with the 15th anniversary celebration of Gay Day at Disney World in Florida. Disney's profits have grown in recent years, according to reports from the Associated Press. The founder of Gay Day, Doug Swallow, remarked at, "Why are they announcing the end of a boycott that can only be characterized as unknown, and certainly not effective? They're seeking publicity and they're likely going to use the opportunity in some manner to aid their continuous fundraising efforts."

Some recent events—CEO Michael Eisner's replacement and the departure of Bob and Harvey Weinstein, the notorious heads of Miramax, a Disney subsidiary ...

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