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August 2006
Volume 50, Number 8
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Table of Contents
The intolerance of the tolerant and comments from Frank Page and Bono.
Ruling imperils faith-based programs around the country.
Recent stats on Americans' faith and forfeits.
Christian activists question Global Fund's AIDS strategies.
Court affirms that Daystar bid should have won TV station.
Newdow and InnerChange rejected in court, archeologists debate new find's support of the Bible.
A defense of the large family by a 'six-time breeder.'
Large families are a small but growing minority.
Our growing families.
New Scripture adaptations are not your father's comic books.
Psychotherapy that uses Scripture without ignoring science.
Two upcoming films target the 'Passion'
Why to keep your word—and the Word.
The Baby Business
What can science really tell us about faith?
Contemporary African Christologies are rich and varied.
The finicky femininity of 'Captivating' by John and Stasi Eldredge.
Quotations to stir heart and mind.
A fledgling group in China tries a 'new' strategy to secure human rights.
This collaboration between Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker is a thrilling disappointment.
Two historians tell why Christian thought went AWOL during the civil war.
Principled collaboration by churches is urgently needed to help defeat HIV.
Morality and religion from Edmund Burke to Lionel Trilling.
Freedom of conscience and 'reproductive rights' clash at the local drugstore.
Pursuing morality in a pluralist society.
Counting the cost of refusing a prescription.
Ravi Zacharias defends Christianity using the narrative of his life.
'O say can you see ... ' a church where many cultures work together in Christ?
Why has it been so hard for organizations to treat Israel like any other state?
Debate rages even after Senate and House reject federal amendment.
Controversial decisions at the recent General Convention have accelerated the break-up of the Episcopal Church.
Hindu monarchy abolished; churches can now register.
Roy Moore defeated, Regent University dean and Biola president retire.
Michael Gerson, recently resigned Bush speechwriter and adviser, on how evangelicals should comport themselves in the public square.
Top Story April 21, 2018
Willow Creek Promises Investigation Amid New Allegations Against Bill Hybels
Willow Creek Promises Investigation Amid New Allegations Against Bill Hybels
“We are sorry,” elder board says as more women claim misconduct.