"Intelligent Design does not so much challenge whether evolution occurred but how it occurred. In particular, it questions whether purposeless material processes—as opposed to intelligence—can create biological complexity and diversity."
William Dembski, a leading proponent of Intelligent Design, on the discovery of Tiktaalik roseae, a 375-million-year-old fish fossil hailed as a "missing link" between land and sea animals.
"What good is it if people believe in intelligence? That's no different than atheism in that if it's not the God of the Bible, it's not Jesus Christ, it's not salvation."
Ken Ham, president of the creationist group Answers in Genesis, criticizing Intelligent Design as weakening scriptural authority.
"Not everyone comes to church for the architecture."
Larry Heslip, pastor of education and administration for Houston's 5,200-member Tallowood Baptist Church, which meets in a former Circuit City store.
"The name evangelical, which years ago may have smelled of roses, now has the aroma of the manure that fertilizes the bush."
John Buckeridge, editor of the British magazine Christianity, calling for a new word "that sums up our e-identity and commitment to following Jesus but puts distance between us and the damaging negatives."

Sources: Evolution News & Views, Christianity Today Online, The Wall Street Journal, Christianity

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Sources: Evolution News & Views, Christianity Today Online, Wall Street Journal, Christianity.

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