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Comments on Chavez's Jesus, Bible widgets, and more.
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"The kingdom of Christ is the kingdom of love, of peace; the kingdom of justice, of solidarity, [of] brotherhood; the kingdom of socialism. This is the kingdom of the future of Venezuela."
Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, who demonizes the American government as the Devil.

"This campus is supposed to be about human rights, diversity, mutual respect. Well, there isn't respect when you want to throw women into jail for choosing abortion."
John Baglow, of Ottawa's Carleton University, supporting a Students' Association ban on funding and space for pro-life student organizations.

"The question is always how do we create Bibles that people will pick up and use but that will not be too gimmicky. If you get too trendy, you've turned the Bible into a widget."
Kevin O'Brien, director of Bibles at Tyndale House Publishers.

"I work hard to maintain my independence and non-partisanship, and didn't want to be perceived as supporting one party over the other. But it was an occasion to get our message to millions of people, so I decided to accept."
Sojourners president Jim Wallis, on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's invitation to give the December 2 Democratic weekly radio address.

Sources: The Miami Herald, CBC, The Wall Street Journal, Beliefnet

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Sources: The Miami Herald, CBC, The Wall Street Journal, Beliefnet

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