Sounds like … the onetime lead singer of Daily Planet, now offering modern worship with professional pop/rock production, on par with Chris Tomlin, Lincoln Brewster, Tim Hughes, Matt Redman, and NeedToBreathe.

At a glance … Jesse Butterworth's first full studio project since Daily Planet finds him handling modern worship with as much skill and craft as the best in Christian music, showing a knack for melody, lyrics, production, and arrangement.

It's not unusual for new artists to see their careers fizzle and fade as quickly as they began, but some get the axe prematurely and deserve a second shot. Jesse Butterworth is a perfect example of the latter. His band Daily Planet debuted with strong buzz in 2002, but they failed to ignite due partly to personal injury and a subsequent lack of touring.

Since then, Butterworth has focused his time on family while serving as a worship pastor at Overlake Christian Church near Seattle. During that tenure, he's released some independent projects with a worshipful focus, most recently Illuminate Live in 2007. But at long last, he's come up with his first fully-formed studio project since Daily Planet—an album he's been itching to make since Hero.

The effort shows on Homecoming: Overlake Worship, an album that doesn't have Butterworth's name anywhere on the outside, but it's clearly his baby as primary songwriter, vocalist, and producer. Admittedly, this album would have had more of an impact 5 years ago when modern worship was still considered fresh. By today's standards, it'd be easy to dismiss this as more of the same at first listen—like NeedToBreathe performing in the style of Chris Tomlin and Tim Hughes.

It's nevertheless impressive that a self-produced indie ...

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Homecoming: Overlake Worship
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November 18, 2008
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