November (Web-only) 2008

Before Turkey and FootballSubscriber Access Only
Whether CCM was behind the Pilgrims' exodus, what the Mayflower Compact campaigned on, and more questions to test your knowledge of Thanksgiving.
AustraliaSubscriber Access Only
Four ChristmasesSubscriber Access Only
MilkSubscriber Access Only
Switchfoot's Foreman blends the Socratic and Spiritual
Figuring Things OutSubscriber Access Only
Switchfoot's Foreman blends the Socratic and spiritual.
The Critical DifferenceSubscriber Access Only
Budding filmmakers Ryan Smith—son of Michael W. Smith—and Mark Cowart are trying to help Christians learn how to think critically when watching movies.
Fruit Pies, Popcorn, and MusicSubscriber Access Only
The Pilgrim legacy goes beyond Thanksgiving to a love of music still with us today.
Report Suggests CIA Covered Up Role in Missionary DeathSubscriber Access Only
An attack that killed a missionary and her daughter can be traced to a reckless CIA-sponsored drug interception program.
Fire and DatingSubscriber Access Only
Name that nonprofit, Mike Huckabee's biblical blunder, and stem-cells make an organ.
Lyrics of Hope
Loving Where it Hurts the MostSubscriber Access Only
Bill Mallonee has been called one of the top 100 songwriters in the world, but an audience is hard to find.
BoltSubscriber Access Only
TwilightSubscriber Access Only
Sorting through the RubbleSubscriber Access Only
Westmont College rebuilds after fire destroys 20 percent of its campus.
Lord of the OutcastsSubscriber Access Only
Two exceptional indie films follow the lives of young men who don't fit in—and who suffer for it. But both meet Christ, in different ways, on the journey.
One Hundred Years of Wit and WisdomSubscriber Access Only
Lyle Dorsett extols G.K. Chesterton's Orthodoxy.
What's in a Label?: sixstepsrecordsSubscriber Access Only
Learn how a tiny homespun record label focused solely on worship became one of the most successful in the music business today, fueled by music from the likes of Chris Tomlin and David Crowder.
For Better or For Worse with Prop. 8Subscriber Access Only
Also: What rebels for Christ take to interviews, something disappears in Russia, and more.
Losing It on TVSubscriber Access Only
Ruby Gettinger, a Sunday school teacher in Georgia who weighed 700 pounds, battles her obesity — and leans on God — on national television.
Quantum of SolaceSubscriber Access Only
Catholic Bishops Warn Obama Against Expanded Abortion RightsSubscriber Access Only
Freedom of Choice Act would coerce Americans and limit freedoms, they warn.
Listening and Learning in the Middle EastSubscriber Access Only
What it means to act as an advocate for global engagement.
The Song of LarksSubscriber Access Only
John Stott joins the feathered chorus.
Essays in Orni-TheologySubscriber Access Only
With a Bible in one hand and binoculars in the other, John Stott opens window to the world of winged ones.
Catholic Bishops Debate Pro-Life Statement 'With a Punch'Subscriber Access Only
Some say earlier statement on politics has been misused.
Third Episcopal Diocese Votes to SecedeSubscriber Access Only
Quincy diocese in Illinois is the latest; Fort Worth is expected to be next.
A Christian Cure for OCD?Subscriber Access Only
Psychiatrist Ian Osborn claims that trust in God can overcome mental illness.
Slumdog MillionaireSubscriber Access Only
Missions in CrisisSubscriber Access Only
Korean church leaders look back on the 2007 kidnapping that brought Afghanistan ministries to the world's attention.
'Fireproof' Is Hot
'Fireproof' Is HotSubscriber Access Only
Meanwhile, Billy: The Early Years of Billy Graham bombs at box office.
Changing of the GuardSubscriber Access Only
What happens to the Religious Right?
Billy Graham Turns 90Subscriber Access Only
The famed evangelist proves an old dog can learn new tricks.
Who's Obama Praying With?Subscriber Access Only
Also: Without Walls hits barrier, Billy Graham turns 90, and Dawkins leaves Oxford.
Q&A: Billy Graham at 90Subscriber Access Only
An e-mail interview on getting older, the presidential campaign, missing Ruth, and other topics.
The Boy in the Striped PajamasSubscriber Access Only
HouseSubscriber Access Only
Madagascar: Escape 2 AfricaSubscriber Access Only
Pray the Devil Back to HellSubscriber Access Only
Joel Hunter Prays with ObamaSubscriber Access Only
Evangelical pastor believes the new president-elect will have a listening ear.
Quotation Marks: Billy the SageSubscriber Access Only
Graham's thoughts on retirement, what experience does to an evangelist, and more.
Why Zondervan Bought BibleGateway.comSubscriber Access Only
CEO Moe Girkins wants to take the site beyond just verses. iTunes-style commentaries, anyone?
Print the LegendSubscriber Access Only
The great director John Ford's American pilgrimage included many films informed by his Catholic roots, even though he found biblical stories "pretty dull."
Homecoming: Overlake WorshipSubscriber Access Only
Letters to the Editor, Volume IISubscriber Access Only
RansomedSubscriber Access Only
Gold and the SandSubscriber Access Only
Live: Hope at the HideoutSubscriber Access Only

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12 Beirut Ministries Respond to Lebanon Explosion
12 Beirut Ministries Respond to Lebanon Explosion
Evangelical leaders describe the damage, how Christians are helping, and the need for a hope beyond politics.