Pride and Glory has had a rocky road getting to the screen. Set to begin production in early 2002, the film was abandoned after the 9/11 attacks on New York City, when it was deemed that people wanted to celebrate the heroics of the city's police force, rather than tarnish their reputation with a tale of corruption and scandal. Once it was finally made, Pride and Glory spent the better part of two years sitting on the shelf, ping-ponging between release dates. Now that it's finally seeing the light of day, is Pride and Glory worth the wait? Yes, but barely.

The always dependable Edward Norton plays Ray Tierney, a missing persons investigator whose Chief of Detectives father, Francis Tierney, Sr. (Jon Voight) pulls him from his duties to look into the brutal slaying of four cops on a drug bust gone wrong. Ray shares some of the same DNA of L.A. Confidential's crusading do-gooder Ed Exley, minus the loathsome self-righteousness. He's an honorable cop in a soul-numbing profession. Ray doesn't want the assignment. His life has been falling apart lately and he has the scars, both physically and emotionally, to prove it. He'd much rather spend his days sequestered in an office and his nights holed up in his leaky houseboat. But his father insists, impatient for him to get back into the field after a traumatic altercation, despite what is an obvious conflict of interest.

The dead cops were all under the command of Ray's brother, Francis Tierney Jr. (Noah Emmerich), whose wife (Jennifer Ehle) is dying of cancer. Each of them worked side by side with Ray and Francis' hot-headed brother-in-law Jimmy Egan (Colin Farrell). Ray finds himself in a claustrophobic position when his investigation begins to turn up a web of police corruption ...

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Pride and Glory
Our Rating
3 Stars - Good
Average Rating
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Mpaa Rating
R (for strong violence, pervasive language and brief drug content)
Directed By
Gavin O'Connor
Run Time
2 hours 10 minutes
Colin Farrell, Edward Norton, Jon Voight, Noah Emmerich
Theatre Release
October 24, 2008 by New Line Cinema
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