Style: Prog rock/electronica/disco; compare to No Doubt, Lights, Ke$ha, Superchick

Top tracks: "No Robots," "Entropy," "World Interrupted," "The Core"

I can't remember the last time I got a new album and listened straight through four times without turning to something else, but that's just what happened with this debut full-length CD from The Arrows, a female duo from Durban, South Africa. Creatively inventive both lyrically and melodically, The Arrows have a sound all their own—prog rock meets electronica meets disco, with a bit of jazz thrown in. Pamela De Menezes' versatile voice is mesmerizing; she also writes the songs and plays piano, organ, and synthesizers. Drummer Christie Desfontaine keeps the beat as the band lives up to its own PR description: "an atmosphere of thumpingly evangelical euphoria."

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Make Believe
Our Rating
5 Stars - Masterpiece
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Release Date
February 1, 2010
Tydee Publishing
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