World Breastfeeding Week has just ended, we are in the middle of National Breastfeeding Month, and I feel like I've been boob-deep in lactivist reading. Oops—did my use of the word boob bother you? If so, then you might not want to watch this video, which features women (including mini-celebrities Ali Landry, Kelly Rutherford, and Lisa Loeb) tossing off euphemisms for breasts at the camera in celebration of their own breast-feeding experiences. The Bump, a community website geared toward new moms, created the video as a pro-breastfeeding public service announcement, part of their "Join the Boob-olution!" campaign.

I love the video.

Before becoming a mother, I was squeamish when it came to words for body parts. I didn't like the word breast even when it was applied to chicken, while some of the other ones were downright un-utterable by me. It just seemed so immodest to say them out loud. Good girls don't talk about their dirty pillows, right?

Giving birth and then breast-feeding lowered some of my inhibitions, and now that I'm a certified breastfeeding counselor training to be an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant), I can say pretty much any anatomical word without blushing. But I recognize that Christians and non-Christians alike maintain a great deal of squeamishness about women's bodies, and that posting the video on Facebook (as I did last week) might be seen as vulgar.

The women in the video are using words that are appear in our culture solely to sexualize women's bodies. That sin has become an obstacle that prevents many women from breastfeeding. Why should babies pay for the wrongs of their fathers and mothers? I applaud The Bump and its campaign for reclaiming breasts for babies by reminding ...

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