Last Friday a friend forwarded me a link to an article titled "Are Pregnant Athletes Selfish?" She guessed correctly that I might have something to say about it. It took one glance at the big black letters of the headline for my hackles to rise. The subtitle, "Olympic curler Kristie Moore is five months pregnant. Is this okay? Our OB/GYN reacts," didn't help calm me down.

Before I could get to the doctor's reaction, my mind fumed over the fallout if indeed this doctor deemed curling too dangerous for a pregnant woman. Among other things, I'd have to guess a good chunk of the world's pregnant women have little if no choice but to haul heavy things while shuffling over ice. It's called "life" for pregnant women in winter.

As it turned it, I had no reason to fume. The doctor affirmed the same thing my OB told me throughout pregnancy. In considering whether or not in fact is was "okay" for Canadian Kristie Moore, who is 51/2 months pregnant and due May 27, to curl—and possibly become the first pregnant woman to win a gold medal—she wrote, "Olympic athletes are presumably some of the most fit people on the planet, so it's absurd to think that curling when you're five months along would do anything but benefit mother and baby. A happy, fit, endorphin-filled mom is a great place for a baby to grow!"

So, that settles that, right? We can watch Moore and her darling baby bump compete with ease, even excitement? And then we can all move on. Or, am I the only who's still bugged by the initial question, especially since it headlined at a presumably "pro-woman" site?

I know I may be knee-jerking here, but I'm so tired of the "selfish" dart that gets flung at pregnant women and moms when they are doing the things they love. And ...

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