Style: Acoustic folk, a hint of blues; compare to Joni Mitchell, Ani DiFranco, Tracy Chapman

Top tracks: "Tango," "Hallelujah," "Chained to These Lovin' Arms"

Twenty-five years as a recording artist, twenty-five songs that have stood the test of time, twenty-five guest performers—there's an awful lot that went into Patty Larkin's aptly-titled 25, enough that this career retrospective feels like a culmination and a strong statement in its own right. They're all love songs; on "Tango," romantic infatuation is flirty and a little dangerous, but mostly it's wise, steadfast, and pure—enough that it's strikingly fitting when Larkin invokes Jesus' name on a song of lifelong fidelity such as "Chained to These Lovin' Arms." Guests include Christian folk luminaries David Wilcox and Bruce Cockburn.

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Release Date
March 1, 2010
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