When Navy SEALS killed Osama bin Laden, many believed the world was rid of its most evil man. Not Shannon Sedgwick Davis. To her, that man is Joseph Kony, head of the notorious Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), known for unleashing unspeakable horrors on innocent men, women, and children in central Africa. The LRA wipes out entire villages, forcing children to kill their parents and then taking the kids away—boys to be soldiers, girls to be sex slaves.

Davis—an attorney, a former worker for International Justice Mission, and current president of the philanthropic Bridgeway Foundation—says money alone won't fix this problem. She visits areas in the wake of LRA attacks, where she's seen "children with their faces blown off, knowing they're going to die." Davis asked herself, "Do we [at Bridgeway] really mean what we say with our mission statement—a world without genocide? I can't continue to just put Band-Aids on bullet holes." She now meets with U.N. generals, U.S. officials, and other leaders, hoping to stop the madness. "We need to be about ending mass atrocity and this particular evil. That's 90 percent of my work with Bridgeway these days."

Davis is also a board member of several organizations, including the Elders, Humanity United, toms Shoes, and Ben Affleck's Eastern Congo Initiative.

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What do you know of Joseph Kony?

He has set the bar for evil. He blindfolds little boys and makes them shove guns up their moms' vaginas and pull the trigger. Then he takes the blindfolds off and makes them look at the destruction. Stories like that forced me to a crisis point of wanting to take action, and I have been ...

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