Style: Pop-punk; compare to Green Day, The Clash, Flatfoot 56

Top tracks: "Should Buildings," "Lonely Planet," "Battleflag"

Half of all Mason Summers' profits are donated to Compassion International, proving that this is a young band with its heart in the right place. On a rowdy Cornerstone-ready anthem called "Battleflag," they sing "I'll sing a song of hope and faith, but what's the point of life and love today? We'll sing our song to keep us marching on until the battleflag is raised." In surprising but refreshing moments, the trio breaks out of the punk mold, incorporating keyboards, horns and harmonicas. Blending pop into punk is a gutsy move reminiscent of late-'90s Green Day. Occasional female vocals add another layer of musical depth, but at their core, Mason Summers is raw punk rock.

Who Wants the Future?
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
June 7, 2011
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