Style: Hard rock; compare to Underoath, Taking Back Sunday, Anberlin

Top tracks: "I'm Not Here for Rage, I'm Here for Revenge," "Daddy's Little Peach," "The Cheval Glass"

"When will I be old enough to do as I please?" If there was ever a chorus anthem for Emery fans to scream at shows, that's it right there. Of course, the guys in Emery are old enough to do what they please, but they know they who they're playing for. Their brand of screamo is high on emotion and angst, a combo that will appeal to most teenagers who want to just get out and live their own lives and text freely. The faith of Emery is a bit more ambiguous on We Do What We Want, at least compared to previous albums.

We Do What We Want
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
March 29, 2011
Tooth & Nail Records
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