Style: Warm electronic pop; compare to Sarah McLaughlin, Florence & the Machine, Fiona Apple

Top tracks: "Galaxy Former," "Laughter Comes Upon Us," "Current"

Christian music aficionados might remember Macintosh as one of three distinct voices that formed the late, great Chasing Furies—a group whose lone studio album stands as one of the most inventive records the genre has ever produced. Macintosh is still making fervent, worshipful music, now under her own name—but the results on Current are mixed. The best songs here combine shuffling, trip-hop beats, and personal lyrics—or in the case of the title song, carry the listener along in a wave of pure, gleeful abandon. But songs like "Hope" are by-the-numbers worship anthems. Still, Macintosh deserves credit for making electronic-based music sound so warm and inviting.

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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
March 6, 2012
Integrity / Columbia Records
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