Editor's Note: In April 2013, Time magazine created waves with a story titled simply "¡Evangelicos!" On its cover, the magazine was more elaborate: "The Latino Reformation: Inside the New Hispanic Churches Transforming Religion in America."

Christianity Today beat Time to the punch by more than 20 years with its October 28, 1991, cover story by Andrés Tapia, "¡Vivan Los Evangelicos!"

Both articles talk about the tremendous growth that Latino evangelicalism has experienced in the United States, offering challenges and opportunities to both Catholic and Protestant Evangelical churches. They also project the growth and influence of the U.S. Hispanic population, expecting it to be a major cultural force nationally. In 1991, Christianity Today predicted that by 2070, the Hispanic population would reach 57 million, making Hispanics the largest minority group in the US. That prediction was way too conservative. Hispanics became the largest U.S. minority in 2001, when they reached 37 million, and by 2011, the U.S. Hispanic population was just under 52 million.

To stay abreast of the statistical and sociological picture, please visit Barna: Hispanics and the Pew Research Hispanic Center.

One thing that hasn't changed from 1991 is the fear that many people experience as they face seismic demographic shifts. Immigration and population issues are complex and require carefully designed changes in public policy. However, the Hispanic population is likely to strengthen the pro-faith, pro-family, pro-work ethos that helped make the United States economically strong.

While many of the issues portrayed in the article remain constant, the U.S. Catholic church has increased ...

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