"There is no presumption that religion … is for the public benefit, even in the case of Christianity or the Church of England."
Britain's Charity Commission, denying charitable status to the Preston Down Trust of the Plymouth Brethren Church.
The Telegraph

"It was like going to a movie that has two different endings."
Stephen Neill, spokesman for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Richmond (Virginia), on the diocese's requirement that Church of the Holy Apostles stop offering a combined Catholic-Episcopal liturgy for Communion.
The Virginian-Pilot

"I feel like church is important …. I think Jesus can help anybody."
Judge Mike Norman, of Muskogee, Oklahoma, on claims that he violated the First Amendment by making church attendance a condition of a 17-year-old's 10-year probation.
The New York Times

"I don't even like the word cult. It sounds like Dungeons and Dragons or something."
Franklin Graham, on the BGEA's decision to stop calling Mormonism a cult. "I want to reach people for Christ," he explained, "and how can I do that if I'm calling them a name?"

The 21st most-common password used for websites. If you're using it, you're likely to get hacked.

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