When you are passionate about someone or something, you do not take no for an answer. You are unstoppable in your determination to find a way. You get creative. Passion drove Nick to get up at five in the morning to get to the pool before me. Passion drove him to finish his college assignments late into the night so he could volunteer at the youth center. Passion kept him coming back when I would get fearful and push him away. Passion made him wear great aftershave and even buy clothes that both fit and matched!

Passion will enable you to do what you would never do if you didn’t have it.

When Nick asked me to marry him, I was shocked. Would God possibly give me both ministry and marriage? Could he? Was this part of my race? I’d believed I could accomplish far more for the gospel as a single woman. I was so focused on maximizing every minute of every day for the call of God in my life, I couldn’t imagine making room in my life for a husband and a family.

One night, I was speaking at a youth rally of about a thousand kids. Before I stepped onto the stage I prayed, Father, if I’m going to go further with this guy, I have to know that I’m going to do more for your kingdom married than I am single. Otherwise, I’ve given my life to you and I just want to stay single. I have to know. Do I keep dating this guy?

I sensed God’s response to me out of Deuteronomy 32:30, which says, “How could one man chase a thousand, or two put ten thousand to flight?”

Chris, God was saying to me, you can choose whichever one you want. If you don’t marry Nick, this is what you will have. You will have one thousand, like tonight. For your whole life wherever you go, I’ll use you. But one will chase one thousand to flight. Two will put ten thousand to flight. So if you do marry him, you will have a tenfold impact for my kingdom.

I called Nick and told him my conviction that if we married, I believed we would have a far greater impact ministering together than I had ever had alone. But... I would not be a traditional wife. Could he cope with that?

“Christine,” he said, “what am I supposed to tell God on judgment day? Am I supposed to say, ‘Lord, I’m sorry for all the millions of people who did not hear the gospel because I was too insecure to let Christine go out and evangelize’? That I wanted my underwear washed and my clothes ironed and a nice home-cooked meal every night? So I’m sorry that I never let her go. And I’m sorry that all these people went to hell?”

Nick wanted me to keep running the race. He did not want me to stop or slow down. He simply wanted us to run together. I was too stunned for words and overcome with the gift God had given me in this man — a man who would join me in ministry. He was so secure in himself and his relationship with God that having a wife in a leadership role in a national ministry was not a threat to him but an honor. He was okay with me, a woman on the stage, and he backstage, a spiritual warrior in our ministry. How could it be that this man, so passionate for the cause of Christ, was also passionately in love with me?

I thought, Lord, I can marry that kind of man.

And so I did. That is the power of passion!

Passion enlarged my heart. Not only was I still passionate for the cause of Christ and pursuing my purpose, but now I was also passionate about this amazing man of God. My goal did not change. Together, we would run toward the finish line. It was Jesus and always would be. God did not give me the baton of marriage to drop the baton of ministry; he gave me Nick to help carry the baton of ministry. God gave me the gift of the most determined, committed, selfless, unstoppable man I’ve ever met. A man so secure in his identity in Jesus Christ and his calling that he could break through the unseen, unrealized walls of my heart and take me deeper into the power of love than I had ever imagined possible.

Here we are two decades and two children later. We are still running our race. Still passionate about each other. Still passionately pursuing the cause of Christ.

Don’t get me wrong. We have had ups and downs and challenges to overcome, but our overriding passionate commitment to

Christ and to one another has enabled us to keep running this race together when we might otherwise have given up. Passion is not a momentary, fleeting emotion but the fuel of God in us, enabling us to be unstoppable as we run our race and finish our course.

Taken from Unstoppable: Running the Race You Were Born to Winby Christine Caine. Copyright © 2014. Used by permission of Zondervan.

Christine Caine is a best-selling author, global evangelist, and human-trafficking activist. Her latest project is Propel Women, a training program for Christian women in the marketplace.