Immanuel: Is God Still With Us?

Absolutely. And in the most active way possible.
Immanuel: Is God Still With Us?
Image: Guariento di Arpo
Angel's Army, 1360

God fights for you.

Is that news to you? Have you forgotten this following the heartbreaking events in San Bernardino? Has the threat of ISIS made God seem powerless? Do you wonder why God isn’t fixing the world?

During this Christmas season, you’ve almost certainly been reminded of Immanuel, which means God is with us. Maybe you’ve heard about the God who made you, watches you, directs you, knows you. But the God who fights for you? Who blazes the trail ahead of you? Who defends you? Who collapses walls and defeats kings?

Did you know that God is fighting for you? That “with us is the Lord our God, to help us and to fight our battles” (2 Chron. 32:8)? That “our God will fight for us” (Neh. 4:20)? That the Lord will “fight against those who fight against [you]” (Ps. 35:1)?

Did you catch that? Not only does God promise to be with us, but he promises to fight for us. For you.

God fights for you. Let those four words sink in for a moment.

God. The CEO, President, King, Supreme Ruler, Absolute Monarch, Czar, Emperor, and Raja of all history. He runs interference and provides cover. He is impeccably perfect, tirelessly strong, unquestionably capable. He is endlessly joyful, wise, and willing. And he ...

Fights. He deploys angels and commands weather. He stands down Goliaths and vacates cemeteries. He fights ...

For. For your health, family, faith, and safety. Are the odds against you? Does your boss have it out for you? Are there evils in the world we can’t begin to understand? It’s a difficult time, for sure. But God fights for ...

You. Yes, you! You with the sordid past. You with the target on your back. You with the child in danger. You with the bad back, ...

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