This last spring, we launched a series called #AmplifyWomen that explores the state of women’s discipleship in evangelical America. As evidenced by various Twitter discussions, the conversation continues to spread and split into what scientists call a dendritic—a series of branching pathways that resemble a tree or a nervous system. In this case, we have a series of interconnected (and very complicated) questions related to women’s ministry, social media, platform, race and ethnicity, orthodoxy and orthopraxy, and ecclesial authority and accountability.

Rather than contain the conversation in one piece, we offer a multiplicity of voices on various topics that all intersect at the nexus point of women’s discipleship and the church. Each piece seeks to illuminate the topic from a unique perspective and also interacts with ideas posited by previous pieces (even in the form of hearty disagreement). We hope the series continues to challenge, encourage, and inspire women to, in Tish Harrison Warren's words, “build and shape institutions larger than ourselves” in light of the gospel.

We invite you to weigh in with your suggestions and feedback using the #AmplifyWomen hashtag. Find us on Twitter @CT_women or on our Facebook page.

The Great Female Commission by Andrea Palpant Dilley

As a former Marine Corps officer and seminary grad, mentorship expert Natasha Sistrunk Robinson has dedicated her career to the command in Hebrews 5 that all believers should be teachers of God’s Word. In this interview, she invites all women into the work of discipleship. “If a woman is single, if a woman is barren, if she’s a professional woman, a widow, or a divorcee, all these women for various ...

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