Quarantined during a 72-hour radioactive iodine treatment, Erin Weidemann had what she calls “a dark moment of the soul.” Hours before, she had swallowed a pill that doctors hoped would kill the aggressive cancer metastasizing in her chest and head. At 26, she faced the reality of her own mortality.

“My battle with cancer was a five-year period where I was discovering a closeness with the Lord,” says Weidemann. “I have never experienced peace, healing, and blessing like I did when I said to him, I accept everything you have for me. That created and stirred inside me a boldness to do things I would never have done before.”

That boldness gave her the courage to write a book for her five-year-old niece, Hannah. As a birthday present, Weidemann gave her a simplified story of her biblical counterpart. “She was confused, because she didn’t know there was a Hannah in the Bible,” says Weidemann.

Through that experience, Weidemann discovered her desire to connect girls with Bible-based role models. Now, Weidemann is the author, CEO, and co-founder of Bible Belles, a book series that addresses the “knowledge gap” she saw in her niece. She also hosts the Heroes for Her podcast.

CT recently caught up with Weidemann at her home in California to talk about her growing ministry to the next generation of Christian women.

What was the initial inspiration for the Bible Belles series?

I have always felt a special connection with children. I’m somebody who feels for the next generation of kids and desperately wants to help them. So the Bible Belles project was born out of the time that I spent teaching in the classroom and wondering, “Isn’t there something we can ...

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