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Book TitleAuthorRating
Wuthnow, Robert4 Stars - Excellent
Wuthnow, Robert5 Stars - Masterpiece
Xi, Lian4 Stars - Excellent
Yancey, George A.4 Stars - Excellent
Where the Light Fell: A Memoir
Where the Light Fell: A Memoir
Yancey, Philip5 Stars - Masterpiece
Yarhouse, Mark; Zaporozhets, Olya4 Stars - Excellent
Yiwu, Liao5 Stars - Masterpiece
Yong, Amosnot rated  
Zahl, David5 Stars - Masterpiece
Zempel, Heather not rated  
Zierman, Addie4 Stars - Excellent
Zuckerman, Phil3 Stars - Good

Top Story August 14, 2022

The Past and Present of Chinese Churches in Indonesia
Chinese Christians Survived Discrimination in Indonesia. Now the Church Is Growing Spiritually.
Q&A with pastor Samuel Fu on the evangelical challenges in the nation of a thousand islands.

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