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Throwing Sesame Seeds and Burning Off Sins
Indian Christian theologians weigh in on the Sikh winter festival of Lohri vs. the Refiner’s fire.
Wheel and Heal: Medical Bus Wins Award for Church Innovation
After hospitals closed in rural Tennessee, church volunteers stepped in to provide basic care, cut hair, and pull teeth.
After Answered Prayers for Damar Hamlin, What’s Next?
The faith intertwined with American football may also call us to care better for the players whose bodies bear the brunt of the sport.
Recant or Leave: Mobs Expel Christians in Central India
Hindu extremists in Chhattisgarh destroy churches and homes and attack tribal believers.
Christmas Epiphanies from the Ruins of Ukraine
As Putin professes a ceasefire over the Orthodox holiday and a famous Kyiv monastery cathedral changes hands, evangelical seminarians relate the toll of ten months of war.
How to Read Yourself Into Genesis
You’re part of the story of this dysfunctional family. And that’s a good thing!
Afghan Christians Are Very Online
As Taliban increases restrictions on women and minorities, enterprising ministries offer seminaries and sermons where there are no churches.
US Branch Splits from Open Doors International
Open Doors USA is now Global Christian Relief, but there is little indication of what led to the break.
Congress Remains Far More Christian than the Country
Denominational identity is dropping among lawmakers, but few are “nones.”
Armenian Christians Endure Christmas Blockade in Artsakh
Closure of corridor to Nagorno-Karabakh by Azerbaijani activists stretches into third week.
Naming Names in the Abortion Debate
As a new “street-level” history demonstrates, you can’t tell the bigger story without telling a series of smaller, more personal stories.
The Image of God in ‘Invisible Man’
Ralph Ellison’s novel depicts the quest for personal dignity in a society determined to deny it.
In Christian Publishing, ‘Platform’ Is Being Weighed and Found Wanting
Favoring big-name authors and “influencers” might be good for the bottom line, but not always for the books—and readers—themselves.
Why Are There So Many Angry Theologians?
Theology should produce the fruit of the Spirit, not the works of the flesh.
Why Educators Shouldn’t Be Worried About AI
AI Apps like ChatGPT are a wake-up call to redefine the holistic nature of education.
Hillsong Founder Awaits Verdict in Cover-Up Case
An Australian court is weighing whether or not Brian Houston had a “reasonable excuse” not to report his father's sexual abuse to the police.
‘Carol of the Bells’ Is More Than a Christmas Favorite. It’s a Ukrainian Cry of Independence.
Composed during World War I, “Shchedryk” folk song has survived the Nazi, communist, and now commercial eras to remind and revive the ties of hearth and home.
Christmas Is a Myth (The Good Kind)
How the fact of the Incarnation fulfills the hopes of every culture.
Will Ukraine’s Threatened Ban on Russia-Linked Churches Violate Religious Freedom?
Evangelical, Orthodox, and academic sources weigh security concerns against the right to associate with historic patriarchate losing popularity and suspected of war collaboration.
Our Lady of Everywhere
5 questions about the global icon of Mary you see every Christmas.

Top Story February 2, 2023

Wang Yi: The Faithfully Disobedient Chinese Pastor
Wang Yi: The Faithfully Disobedient Chinese Pastor
A new book records the reflections on church and state in China by the imprisoned pastor and other house church leaders.

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