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‘I Knew I Would Pay a Price for My Faith’: China Releases Missionary After Seven Years
John Sanqiang Cao shares how hand-copied Bible verses, prayers, and a mother’s love buoyed him during his imprisonment.
Reality Is Now a Diss Track
Drake and Kendrick Lamar’s rivalry reveals our craving for controversy—and what’s lost when community is based on shared hatred, not love.
Spanish Evangelical Party Makes a Bid for European Union Parliament Seat
Long-shot campaign needs 15,000 signatures for the chance to get on the ballot.
Bringing the City of God to the Cities of Earth
Christian urban designers and developers explain how their faith affects their work—and how their work affects your faith.
Online Witch Doctors Lure South African Christians
Churches are combating syncretism among millennials and Gen Z amid a rise of social media healers who call on ancestral spirits.
If Panama Closes the Darién Gap, Would Evangelicals Care?
(UPDATED) Migrant rights have been off-radar for many Panamanian Christians. But as pressures increase, some are speaking out ahead of this weekend’s general elections.
Christian Radio Sues Over Disparity in Streaming Costs
Discrimination case claims that noncommercial religious broadcasters are paying far more than fellow stations to cover royalties for music played online.
Trash Problem Pushes Pastor to Action
A Honduran church leads the way in local garbage collection while praying for an international plastics treaty.
Conservative Methodists, Unite
After this week’s UMC votes on LGBTQ issues, African Methodists should join American conservatives in the new Global Methodist denomination.
One of Oldest Books in Existence Will Be Sold, Worrying Scholars
An ancient codex, containing perhaps the earliest complete versions of Jonah and 1 Peter, goes up for auction in June. Will it disappear?
Why Almost Nobody Likes a Politician Shooting Her Dog
The widespread outrage over Kristi Noem’s book should awaken moral responsibility—not just toward pets but for one another.
Finding a (Real) Christian College
A professor explains why examining a school’s doctrinal statement isn’t enough.
Holy Handouts: Venezuela’s Maduro Woos Evangelical Voters with Gifts and Cash
As the presidential election approaches, the incumbent government seeks to win support with aid to churches and pastors.
Care for the Environment Is Biblical. It’s Also a Witness to Environmentalists.
Do activists often invest their work with religious significance? All the more reason for Christians to be discerning co-laborers.
India Says It Has a Border Crisis. Christians Say the Solution Will Divide Them.
The government plans to close its porous border with Myanmar to boost security, separating ethnic groups that straddle the boundary.
What Antisemitic Campus Chants Tell Us About This Angry Era
The rage of the mob is a poor substitute for real community.
After Schism, United Methodists Vote to Restructure Denomination
The plan would organize UMC churches in four global regions, with each given more leeway around same-sex marriage and other theological issues.
Let the Cultural Christians Come unto Jesus
The world is realizing anew that our faith has tangible benefits. This is an opportunity for the gospel.
The Church Shouldn’t Be an Echo Chamber
Let us not give up meeting together—even when we disagree.
Christian Athletes Know How to Build Platforms for Jesus. Can They Brand Themselves?
NIL deals in college athletics present new challenges—and opportunities—for colleges and students.

Top Story May 29, 2024

How to Face the Headlines with Hope
How to Face the Headlines with Hope
The Papua New Guinea mudslide is yet another reminder that our world is not as it should be. But take heart! Christ has overcome the world.

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