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It’s Eden Somewhere
The late Jimmy Buffett’s songs and the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien both long for a home just beyond reach.
Christian Politician Awaits Finnish Court’s Verdict on Hate Speech Charges—Again
Päivi Räsänen says quoting the Bible should not be a crime in a democracy.
The People of Dog: Christians Own More Canines Than Cats
“I think there's a theological argument there that we're doing what God designed us to do by taking care of animals.”
From Dust to Lunch: Jordanian Christians Decry Cost of Funeral Feast
Tribal hospitality demands feeding the 500. But believers pinched by poverty call for cultural changes that still preserve honor.
Men Are from Right-Leaning Mars. Women Are from Lefty Venus.
The sexes are trending in different political directions. Here’s what the church can do about it.
Died: ‘Jesus Calling’ Devotional Author Sarah Young
The missionary wife’s “listening prayers” comforted and inspired millions.
When American Evangelicals Needed a Reputational Boost, They Turned to South Korean Evangelicals
In the second half of the 20th century, each group used the other as a ticket to legitimacy at home and abroad.
I Used ChatGPT for Six Months to Help My Pastoral Ministry. Here’s What Worked.
A young Taiwanese pastor shares about the opportunities and challenges AI offers to those in the ministry.
Haitian Gangs Are a Major Threat. Last Week, a Church Fought Back.
Evangelicals lament the circumstances but say a syncretistic pastor’s faith-driven counterattack was unwise.
Gen X Dropouts Widen the Generational Divide among Singapore Christians
Interviews with 63 churches reveal an urgent need for greater mutuality in relationships.
As Mongolia Catholics Welcome Francis, Evangelicals Wrestle with Growing Pains
Recent revival has brought Protestant churches more members. But what Mongolian Christian leaders want most is more disciples.
Why the World Seems So Resentful
The German philosopher Hartmut Rosa’s concept of ‘resonance’ offers a way through the current malaise.
In This House We Believe Creeds Are for Church, Not Politics
Vivek Ramaswamy’s right-wing satire of the popular progressive yard sign has the same flaws as its target.
Covenant Families Frustrated by Tennessee’s Failure to Pass New Gun Laws
Special legislative session ends without measures to prevent mass shootings at schools.
Have China’s Christians Peaked? Pew Researches the Data Debate
New report examines the challenges of measuring religion among Chinese Protestants, Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims, and other beliefs.
Pastor in Trump Indictment Released After Supporters Cover His Bail
Illinois pastor Stephen Lee was back in church on Sunday, thanks in part to fundraising help from a Christian advocacy group.
Young Men Need a Model Not an ‘Übermensch’
The church can’t compete with “manosphere” influencers. But it doesn’t have to.
Put Off Your Old Self-Making
An interview with author Tara Isabella Burton on the history of self-creation—and how the habit usurps our need for God.
Politicians, You Keep Saying ‘City on A Hill’
But it doesn’t mean what you think it means.
A Christian Vocabulary for an Exhausted Age
Reclaiming the culture wars requires reclaiming wonder.

Top Story September 21, 2023

Evangelical Colleges Celebrate Best-Ever Enrollment Numbers
Evangelical Colleges Celebrate Best-Ever Enrollment Numbers
Students impacted by pandemic isolation seem drawn to Christian communities and education.

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