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Do Catholics Care about Persecuted Christians?
As American bishops dedicate this week to religious freedom, including for Muslims in China, polls suggest a cresting of support for the church in need.
Helping Churches Think Through Innovation and Technology in Today’s Context
With the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, many have reminded church leaders how they need to be innovating.
The Christian Teens Who Took on the Spread of Ebola
How young people in Sierra Leone stepped up when an epidemic broke out.
The Jury Is Still Out on Europe’s Religious Future
The moral revolution of the 1960s dealt a blow to Christian faith on the continent, but it might not have the final word.
Mississippi Baptists: Removing Confederate Flag Emblem Is a ‘Moral Obligation’
The largest Christian group in the state joins calls to change the state flag.
One-on-One with Tony Merida on Christ-Centered Conflict Resolution
When you’re in a conflict, you don’t want a bunch of steps, and you don’t want a big book.
White Evangelicals’ Coronavirus Concerns Are Fading Faster
But when it comes to behavior, evangelicals are as likely as the rest of the country to keep up social distancing, according to Data for Progress survey.
Can the Church Save Marriage?Subscriber Access Only
Matrimony rates are in decline, even among conservative Christians. Here’s what that means for the future.
Why the COVID-19 Crisis Might Be Good News for MarriageSubscriber Access Only
The rise of the coronavirus means the welcome demise of the soulmate model of matrimony.
Dozens of Christian College Faculty Eliminated in Spring Budget Cuts
For evangelical schools, declining enrollment poses a greater challenge than COVID-19.
For Third-Party Christians, Some Things Are More Important Than WinningSubscriber Access Only
Meet the presidential candidates who say they are called to the bottom of the ballot.
Refugee Converts Aren’t ‘Fraudsters,’ German Pastors SaySubscriber Access Only
Churches push back on immigrant officials' new skepticism of authentic faith.
Your Unbelieving Friends Need More Stories Than SyllogismsSubscriber Access Only
Why serving up a diet of hard, rationalistic Christianity might be counterproductive.
White Evangelicals Have a Complicated Relationship with Christian Nationalism
Three books try to make sense of this political ideology.
Priest Balances Christian Conviction and Legal Strategy in DACA Case
An Episcopalian law student on the team behind the Supreme Court victory and a Southern Baptist pastor are among the Dreamers celebrating Thursday’s decision.
Bostock Is as Bad as You Think
We cannot stake religious liberty on a "wait and see" approach.
Another Run at Freedom
Pursuing a future already secured in Christ, can we keep running against racial injustice? Today begins 20 weeks featuring 20 Christian writers of color.
Standing Between White Privilege and Black Disprivilege: An Asian American Perspective
How do I as a Chinese-American view the protests that have swept across our country?
Don’t Scoff at ‘Social Justice.’ Don’t Anchor Yourself to It, Either.
Today’s progressive activists have plenty in common with the biblical prophets. But some differences are too vast to ignore.
Juneteenth: A Truer Independence Day
The official end of slavery in America more fully embraces the self-evident truth of all people as created equal.

Top Story July 4, 2020

Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Hashtags Hit Too Close to Home
Racism in America is a white person's sin issue that can only be resolved by white America.

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