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Fleeing the Oregon Fires Forced Me to Rethink the Future
The exiled Israelites followed a pillar of smoke, one day at a time. Maybe I can do the same.
Remembering 9/11 and Its Relevance for 2020
On a day of remembrance, let's look towards our biblical call.
Bahrain Makes Peace with Israel, Following United Arab Emirates
Today’s deal will normalize diplomatic, commercial, and security ties. Trump administration hopes more Arab nations soon follow.
The Absence of Injustice Is Not Justice
Acting affirmatively on the side of racial justice affirms the truth of the gospel.
In This Fraught Racial Moment, We Need a Refresher on Human Depravity
We also need a reminder of God’s radical grace.
Old Scars and New Wounds: Christians Comfort Lebanon’s Trauma
One month since the blast, emotional support comes from evangelicals, refugees, children, and other unexpected sources.
Bethel’s Sean Feucht Rallies ‘Worship Protest’ in Seattle
The tour, held in defiance of COVID-19 regulations, continues in Colorado, Minneapolis, and Kenosha, Wisconsin, in the week ahead.
Monuments Can Be Destroyed, but Not Forgotten
Our most controversial stone statues carry layers of communal history that aren’t easily cast aside.
Christian Colleges Are Changing to Survive. Is it Working?
Faced with declining enrollments, evangelical schools add programs, cut programs, and hope.
Rise of the Machines: New Book Applies Christian Ethics to the Future of AI
John Lennox reflects on questions of consciousness in computers, enhancing humans, and other quandaries.
Sudan Agrees with Rebels to Remove Islam as State Religion
Peace deals include bold pledges on religious freedom. But much work remains for transitional government after three decades under Bashir’s strict sharia.
QAnon, Conspiracies, and Discipling the Way Out
Reflections on my recent article for USA Today
Digging Stopped in Ancient Biblical Cities
For US archaeologists, major discoveries will have to wait until next year, at least.
Lauren Daigle’s ‘You Say’ Sets Billboard Record with 100 Weeks at No. 1
The crossover Christian hit surpasses the standing power of Hillsong’s “Oceans.”
Politics Has a Strong Grip on Our Hearts. The Gospel’s Grip Should Be Stronger.
How the church can shape public policy without losing its soul.
Controversial Religion Law Tips Montenegro Election
Serbian Orthodox Church called for votes against 30-year ruling party. Evangelicals “cried for justice ... now we have to pray hard for this country.”
Researchers Find Christians in Iran Approaching 1 Million
Secular survey may succeed where Christian advocates have failed to convince the world of widespread conversions in the Islamic republic.
Goodbye Christ. I’ve Got Justice Duty.
Justice without Jesus is just us—and it's not the answer.
White House Administration Equips Faith Leaders with Tools in the Rural Addiction Crisis
Addressing addiction in rural America with the Director of the ONDCP.
On Matters of Race and Justice, Listening Isn’t a One-Way Street
Why we shouldn’t divide the church into those who “get it” and those who don’t.

Top Story September 25, 2020

What Pastors See as the ‘New Normal’ for Preaching After the Pandemic
What Pastors See as the ‘New Normal’ for Preaching After the Pandemic
COVID-19’s ministry disruptions are generating lasting insights.

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