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Trump and Biden Disagree on Sanctions. So Do Evangelicals Outside the US.
Longstanding foreign policy tool impacts national economies. But evangelicals from US to Syria and Iran differ on who deserves blame.
Most Evangelical Trump Voters Didn’t Turn on Mike Pence
While Trump extremists set the vice president up as a traitor, most believers stood by his decision to confirm the election.
When Will Churches Be Back? Vital Information for Churches and Christian Leaders
A brief overview of Ed Stetzer's interview with Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health
3 Bioethical Questions About COVID-19 Vaccines
After considering new mRNA technology, Christian experts are in favor.
The 50 Countries Where It’s Most Dangerous to Follow Jesus in 2021
Latest report on Christian persecution finds 3 in 4 martyrs are in Nigeria, ranked among 10 worst persecutors for first time.
Pastors More Reluctant to Preach on Race
Though most still address the topic in sermons, preachers report more pushback from their congregations over the past four years.
Humoring the President Was Not Harmless
As a little leaven works through a loaf, indulging deceit led to disaster at the Capitol last Wednesday.
What Trump-Supporting Pastors Preached After the Capitol Attack
Sermons mentioned national divides, condemned violence, and applauded police—and some did not reference the event at all.
After Binging on the Internet in 2020, We Need a Major Knowledge-Diet Overhaul
Brett McCracken applies food-pyramid principles to our habits of media consumption.
After Israel, Will Morocco Normalize with Christians?
As fledgling local church movement lauds increased ties with the Jewish state, Moroccan believers debate if official recognition of their faith is needed at home.
We Worship with the Magi, Not MAGA
Epiphany reminds us that faith is not a prop for political power.
Polarized Americans Still Support Religious Freedom
Survey sets benchmarks to measure US commitment to First Amendment rights.
We Serve the Purposes of God, Not the Politics of Men
The lust for power and the lure of lies collapse under the weight of truth.
How Not to Read Cheesy Books with Your Quarantined Kids
Two judges for the CT Book Awards reflect on what makes books “good”—and why that matters for children during a global crisis.
More Than the Capitol Has Been Breached
Donald Trump, character, and the consequences of conspiracies.
Christian Leaders Pray for Peace and Safety Amid Capitol Mob
For believers under democratic rule, peaceful transitions are “part of honoring and submitting to God’s ordained leaders.”
We Need to Be Better Losers
The legitimacy of US elections requires someone to lose. For Christians, that should be okay.
Like Preacher-Politicians Before Him, Senator Raphael Warnock Will Keep His Pulpit
The Ebenezer Baptist pastor becomes the latest in a line of African American ministers in Congress.
6 Christian Sites Armenia Fears It Has Lost to Azerbaijan
Photo gallery captures cultural heritage that concerns Armenians most after ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh.
Azerbaijan Archbishop: Our Holy Mission Is to Keep Peace
In exclusive interview, head of Russian Orthodox Church in Baku invites defeated Armenians into economic cooperation after Nagorno-Karabakh conflict and laments lost ethnic fraternity.

Top Story January 23, 2021

Should Christians Worry Free Speech Is Eroding?
Quick to Listen | 1 hr 4 min
Should Christians Worry Free Speech Is Eroding?
What social media companies’ actions toward Trump mean about the state of the First Amendment.

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