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أيها المسيحيّون، دعونا نُساهم في تسطيح المُنحنى، ولكن لِنبقَ "ديانة تهتم بالمرضى"
أطبّاء يتأمّلون لاهوتياً بثلاثة مُساهماتٍ مسيحية فريدة لاستعدادات فيروس كورونا المستجد (كوفيد-١٩)
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Online Tools to Maximize the Good News During the COVID-19 Crisis
Today’s technological advances have welcomed a new kind of gathering.
In Quarantine: What We Can Learn from the Early Church
God calls the church for times just like the one we are living in.
Women: Don’t Bury Your Leadership Gifts
That persistent sense of calling isn’t a fatal feminine flaw, but an invitation to walk intimately with God.
Death Can Still Sting
By fighting to save physical lives, the church imitates Christ.
Asian Americans Call on the Church to Preach Against Coronavirus Racism
Hundreds of Christian leaders sign a landmark statement denouncing a spike in xenophobia.
Is It All About the Weekend? Not Now, and Should Not Have Ever Been
Customer-centric Sunday experiences have weakened the church— Coronavirus is pushing us to a better way.
Most Pastors Bracing for Months of Socially Distant Ministry
Barna findings show the toll of the coronavirus crisis is setting in week over week.
Samaritan’s Purse Sets Up Field Hospital in Central Park
The ministry’s temporary setup will help alleviate the anticipated surge in COVID-19 patients in New York.
The CARES Act & Your Church Staff: What You Need to Know & 4 Steps to Take Now
The new stimulus bill includes churches and has implication for church staff. Please learn more before making any staff decisions.
Florida Pastor First to Be Arrested for Defying Coronavirus Order
Misdemeanor charges against Rodney Howard-Browne set up legal battle over right to worship in a pandemic.
Partner ContentJenny Yang Stands Strong in the Midst of a Moral Sea Change
This author continues to fight for a church that will welcome the stranger.
A Year of Suffering and Soul-Searching in Sutherland Springs
How does a God-fearing, gun-friendly church recover from a horrific mass shooting? Long after the camera crews departed, a Texas journalist stuck around to find out.
The Greatest Gospel Question of This Moment: “How Are You Doing?”
Two weeks ago, the question, “How are you doing?” was a passing gesture that meant relatively little. Things have changed.
With Conferences Canceled, UMC Split and SBC Votes Wait for Next Year
Besides budget approvals, most denominational business can be rescheduled.
Descobri na Itália o Poder de Três Tipos de Oração
Salmos de lamento pareciam exagerados antes do COVID-19. Mas, em meio a 10.700 mortes, minha igreja em quarentena em Roma se identifica mais do que nunca com Davi.
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In Italia, Ho Riscoperto la Potenza di Tre Tipi di Preghiera
Prima del COVID-19 i Salmi di lamento sembravano come eccessivi. Ma con ormai 10,000 morti la mia chiesa a Roma, chiusa dal blocco totale, vive più che mai gli stessi lamenti di Davide.
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Spreading Love from a Distance: What a Church in Brooklyn Is Doing
How one church in Brooklyn, the epicenter of the COVID-19 crisis, is responding to opportunities in their neighborhood.
Cosa Lutero Ci Insegna Sul Coronavirus
È fedele chi vuole sfuggire a un’epidemia? 
La riflessione del riformatore tedesco sulla peste può fungere da guida per i cristiani in Cina e dovunque il virus di Wuhan si è diffuso.
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Survey: Churches Pivoting, Anxious, and Getting on Mission
Over 1500 church leaders responded to our Covid-19 Church Survey.

Top Story April 8, 2020

Coronavirus Searches Lead Millions to Hear About Jesus
Coronavirus Searches Lead Millions to Hear About Jesus
Tens of thousands have clicked to pray for salvation since the outbreak. Is the increase temporary or a harbinger of greater gospel witness online?

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