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中國的 “五月花號”教會成員希望能以難民身份來美國定居
China’s ‘Mayflower’ Church Wants to Come to America: ‘This Isn’t Fleeing. This Is Leaving Egypt’
After more than two years in diplomatic limbo in South Korea, Shenzhen Holy Reformed Church is now in Thailand, trying to seek refugee status.
More than One Good Samaritan
Q&A with Jewish scholar Steven Fine on the history of a biblical minority.
Falleció la reina Isabel II, monarca británica que puso su confianza en Dios
Durante sus siete décadas de reinado, habló regularmente de la importancia de su fe personal.
Morta: la regina Elisabetta II, monarca britannica che ha riposto la sua fede in Dio
Durante i suoi sette decenni di regno, ha parlato regolarmente dell’importanza della sua fede personale.
Умерла королева Великобритании Елизавета II
Во время своего правления, длившегося 70 лет, она регулярно говорила о важности своей личной веры.
Померла королева Великої Британії Єлизавета ІІ
Протягом свого правління, яке тривало 70 років, вона регулярно наголошувала на важливості своєї особистої віри.
Died: Queen Elizabeth II, British Monarch Who Put Her Trust in God
In her seven-decade reign, she spoke regularly of the importance of her personal faith.
In Singapore, LGBT Perspectives Are Liberalizing. Can the Church Hold Together?
Evangelicals are eager to preserve their unity—and the country’s.
What Church Splits Can Teach Us About a Dividing America
As in the past, one can learn about our nation’s political divisions by looking at our religious ones.
5 Reasons for Progressive Christians to Join the Pro-Life Cause
Our historic, global faith tradition connects sanctity of life with social justice.
The Kenyan Presidential Election Is Over. The Conversation About Christians and Politics Has Just Begun.
William Ruto credited God and church leaders for his victory. Should this be the model?
Sex Scandals and the Evangelical Mind
How stories of misbehavior distort our vision of male-female friendship in the church.
A Religious Movement Divided Against Itself (Probably) Cannot Stand
Liberal Protestants built a global elite in the 20th century. Its fracturing holds a caution for evangelicals today.
A Moral Primer on Amazon’s ‘Rings of Power’
Tolkien’s kingdom of Númenor is a cautionary tale for us today.
Meet the Scholar-Activist Who Changed Baptist Minds on Race
T. B. Maston’s views on integration were controversial at his seminary. Today, they deserve a fresh hearing.
Huyeron de Ucrania. Y Ucrania los siguió
Tras escapar de los misiles rusos, algunos creyentes exiliados han encontrado un nuevo propósito al ayudar a los refugiados.
Kallistos Ware : théologien de la voie orthodoxe pour les autres chrétiens
L’évêque anglais et universitaire d’Oxford a approfondi le respect, l’unité et le dialogue entre l’antique confession et les évangéliques.
Bisakah Pembalikan Roe Memperlambat Tren Global yang Melegalkan Aborsi?
Pendukung Injili di luar negeri berharap agar perubahan kebijakan Amerika terkait aborsi dapat menetapkan standar baru.
From the Archives: Mikhail Gorbachev and Christianity
A selection of articles on the late leader’s global legacy.

Top Story October 1, 2022

Worship Can Sound Like Silence and Feel Like Rest
Worship Can Sound Like Silence and Feel Like Rest
The Liturgy Collective Gathering aims to offer a reprieve to the leaders responsible for filling the soundtracks of our services.

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