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Why Jonathan Bock Wants More Christians in the Arts
The Los Angeles native and PR exec is on the hunt for patrons.
Jamie Grace Is Holding On
Grammy nominee says Tourette's took her 'for a spin.'
Justin Zoradi Believes Education Can Eradicate Poverty
The founder of These Numbers Have Faces focuses on outreach by degrees.
Deep Impact
Jo Saxton helps churches change their communities.
NASCAR Driver Blake Koch Takes a Stand for Jesus
The Christian driver on running the race.
The Art of Loving Your Neighbor
Dave Runyon puts the Great Commandment in action.
Helping Urbana Find Its Voice
Nikki Toyama-Szeto diversifies Intervarsity's student conference.
Becoming Donald Miller
Marshall Allman plays the author of 'Blue Like Jazz.'
Michael Patton Brews a Potent Theology
The founder of Credo House Ministries teaches theology over a cup of joe.
Liberty Balance
Johnnie Moore mentors students at Jerry Falwell's university.
How Bethany Hoang Was Wired for Justice
The director of IJM Institute for International Justice Mission shines the spotlight on modern-day slavery.
Both Testaments at Christmastime
Andrew Peterson sings of Jesus in his annual tour.
Virtual Vitality: Bobby Gruenewald Links Technology and the Church
How a pastor from LifeChurch.tv is helping plug the church into the digital future.
The Coach in Your Head
Sports psychologist Julie Bell can help you hear it.
DeVon Franklin Keeps the Faith in Hollywood
The studio exec says it's alive and well.
No More Band-Aids: Shannon Sedgwick Davis Wields Law to Halt Genocide
Why the president of the philanthropic Bridgeway Foundation says money alone won't fix the problem.
City Parish: An Australian Builds NYC Networks
Jon Tyson plants neighborhood churches in New York City.
Alternative Capitalist: How a Coffee Business Brews Reconciliation
Why Jonathan Golden helps farmers in Rwanda.
Fraternizing with the Enemy
Paul Louis Metzger engages those outside the faith.
Poet Amena Brown Speaks the Truth in Rhythm and Rhymes
Faith stirs the spoken word poetry.

Top Story April 17, 2024

The Civil War That Sudan’s Displaced Christians Want You to See
Forgotten War: Sudan’s Displaced Christians Brace for ‘World’s Worst’ Hunger Crisis
Interview with leader of new evangelical alliance describes his escape from Khartoum and the pressure to pick a side.

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