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You Can Pray If You Want To
A 1977 interview with Jesse Jackson
Budget Blues: Presbyterians Will Likely Cut Mission Spending
Executive director says belt-tightening was inevitable before church and economic uncertainty
Interfaith Flap: Missouri Synod Panel Voids Charges
Criticisms of unionism and syncretism against Kieschnick pushed aside in ruling
Diocese Deep-Sixed: Legal Bills Sink Canadian Diocese
"Church, government still wrestling over ending lawsuits"
Pat Down
Can Robertson take any more PR hits?
Carey Announces His Retirement as Archbishop of Canterbury
Decision creates opportunity to restructure position
Israeli Decision to Halt Work on Nazareth Mosque Faces Challenge
Government officials reportedly favor plan for a larger mosque at an alternative site
Talk of Presbyterian Split Grows
Homosexual ordination, lordship of Christ are ongoing issues for conservatives
Heather Mercer and Dayna Curry Go Home to Waco
Church will send short-term mission to Afghanistan in the spring
Small Churches: Empty Pulpit Crisis
Lutherans try to overcome clergy shortages
Remembrance of Terrorist Attack Victims Marks Russian Orthodox Shift
Services commemorate the dead on the 40th day after their death.
The Minister of 'Good Success'
Meet Kirbyjon Caldwell—megachurch pastor, real-estate whiz, community developer, and the President's spiritual confidant
Smithton Revival: Revival's Relocation Pits Pastor Against Alienated Followers
Pastor Steve Grey and two-thirds of the congregation move from Smithton to Kansas City
Day of Terror, Day of Grace
In the wake of fatal attacks killing thousands, Christians steer America toward prayer, service, and reconciliation.
Volunteers Bring Glad Tidings to Ground Zero
Church located 2.5 miles from World Trade Center feels God has used [us] because of where we are.
"Where I Minister, Grace Abounds Over Sin"
"At Ground Zero, a New York pastor strives to be a symbol that God is present and available."
"Churches, Charities Encourage Taxpayers to Give Caesar's Rebate to Godly Causes"
Christians urged to consider donating to areas they wish received more government funding.
"Nation's Religious Leaders Urge Calm, Pray for Peace"
Churches will maintain prayer vigils for victims and leaders
Church Leaders Around World Deplore 'Unspeakable Horror' of Attack
Christians urged to unite in prayer as they unite in shock and denunciation.
In the Belly of the Beast
"Christians, calling terrorist attack satanically brilliant, minister at epicenter of World Trade disaster"

Top Story July 18, 2024

Put Away Your Swords
Put Away Your Swords
Jesus used his final moments with his disciples before the crucifixion to heal his opponent’s ear—and model the way of love.

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