This week on The Bulletin, our hosts ask what’s making rural America so angry and why Christians seem to hold their tongues when it comes to sports gambling. Guest host Bob Smietana leads the conversation about the new bestselling book White Rural Rage with guest Mike Waddey, former pastor of a town of just 88 people. Mike Cosper shares his own story about the temptations of sports betting, and producer Clarissa Moll joins Cosper and Kris Bauman, former Trump administration Israel adviser for the National Security Council, to talk about the current slowdown in the Israel-Gaza war and Israel’s complicated path forward.

This week’s guests:

Bob Smietana is an award-winning religion reporter and editor who has spent two decades producing breaking news, data journalism, investigative reporting, profiles, and features for magazines, newspapers, trade publications, and websites. Most notably, he has served as a senior writer for Facts & Trends, senior editor at Christianity Today, religion writer at The Tennessean, correspondent for Religion News Service, and contributor to OnFaith, USA Today, and The Washington Post. He is best known for his coverage of evangelical Christianity, end-time cat worshipers, and the human side of religion.

Mike Waddey has pastored in two small, rural communities over the past 20 years. He is the former mayor of Cottage Grove, the smallest incorporated town in the state of Tennessee (88 people), a position he held while also serving there as pastor. Mike holds a DMin from the Robert Webber Institute for Worship Studies and is a proud husband and father of six children and grandfather of two.

Kris A. Bauman, PhD, Colonel (retired) USAF is the Brent Scowcroft Professor of National Security Studies at the United States Air Force Academy where he teaches American foreign and national security policy and Middle Eastern politics. Bauman previously served at the White House on the National Security Council as director for Israeli, Palestinian, Jordanian and Egyptian Affairs.

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