In this episode of The Bulletin, hosts Mike Cosper and Russell Moore review highlights of the first presidential debate and the concurrent interview that Tucker Carlson hosted on X (formerly Twitter). The two talk about Americans’ lack of meaning and purpose, our complicated feelings about abortion, and our fears of political violence. Along the way, the conversation clarifies the real options available for voters who hesitate to throw their hat in with the current frontrunner. Even when it feels like there’s no comparison, Republicans do have other options. CT news editor Daniel Siiliman wraps up the episode with a deep dive into military history with his special segment, “What’s Weird?”

Joining us this week:
Daniel Silliman is a journalist and a historian. He is news editor for Christianity Today, the author of a history of best-selling evangelical fiction, and teacher of humanities at Milligan University. Daniel spent several years as a crime reporter outside Atlanta before pursuing higher education in Germany, earning a MA from Tübingen University and a doctoral degree from Heidelberg University. He has reported and edited news coverage for CT since 2019.

Resources Referenced:
The My Lai Massacre | History

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