You’ve heard of the nones: the agnostic or atheist-adjacent young people who profess no religious faith. But what about the ums: those who, when asked, “Do you go to church?” are likely to respond with “Um” or “Not really” or “I kind of drifted during the pandemic.” What can be done to invite them back into connection and community?

On this episode of The Russell Moore Show, Moore welcomes author Kara Powell, chief of leadership formation and executive director of the Fuller Youth Institute at Fuller Theological Seminary. Powell and Moore talk about research on Gen Z’s relationship to faith and church. They explore the reasons that young people are skeptical of Christianity and highlight opportunities for church leaders and older Christians to come alongside young people on their journeys. Moore and Powell discuss TENx10, a collaboration that endeavors to help faith matter more to 10 million young people over the next 10 years and offers faith communities the resources they need to prioritize youth discipleship. And they offer hope for rebuilding trust with members of Gen Z through, as Powell puts it, “everyday acts of listening and empathizing.”

Tune in for a conversation that will help parents, church leaders, and all who love Gen Z to answer the questions they’re asking about life and faith.

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