Does social media make us meaner? How do we stay faithful to Jesus when we’re downright exhausted?

Tune in for a discussion between Russell Moore and producer Ashley Hales that covers these questions and more. The topics on this episode of The Russell Moore Show range from the recent mayhem on Twitter to Russell’s favorite Christmas present as a child.

The listener questions covered in this episode include:

  • How might Christians think about social media in terms of discipleship in the church and the home?
  • What does Christian perseverance look like during this post-pandemic moment in time?
  • What are the dangers of becoming numb to toxic politics?
  • How can pastors and mature believers engage with “radicalized” young men?

Resources mentioned include Radical by David Platt and The Tech-Wise Family by Andy Crouch.

Russell Moore is Christianity Today’s editor in chief and the director of the Public Theology Project.

Ashley Hales is the producer of The Russell Moore Show, the founder of Willowbrae Institute, and an author. Find out more at

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