What does it look like to practice revival and holiness in our personal lives? What should we do if we feel jaded about the idea of revival? And how can we imagine God’s law as a way for us to understand who God is?

On a new Losing Our Religion episode of The Russell Moore Podcast, Moore and author, poet, Bible teacher, and recording artist Jackie Hill Perry explore the answers to these questions. Moore and Perry talk about what it means to be holy and how Christians can pursue holiness in a tech-driven society. Perry shares her story of coming to know the Lord and the influence of the Scriptures on her poetry and spoken word. And she and Moore discuss the definition of revival, how revival is described in the Bible, and how we might think about revival in our era.

This special series of episodes around Russell Moore’s newest book, Losing Our Religion: An Altar Call for Evangelical America, explores the Christian faith in confusing times.

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

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