How can parents guard against viewing their children’s behavior as solely a statement about their success or failure in parenting? What does it look like for churches to embrace people with cognitive differences? Why is it important to support adopted children in grieving the loss of their biological families?

Russell and producer Ashley Hales address complex questions like these on this episode of The Russell Moore Show. They discuss issues of sexuality, trauma, and mental health in response to listener questions. Tune in as they provide compassionate Christian perspectives on tough topics.

Questions addressed during this episode include:

  • How can parents wisely navigate relationships with their adult children who have differing views on theological and social issues?
  • What does it look like for the church to help adoptees heal from the trauma of losing their birth families and communities?
  • Why did Russell and his wife, Maria, choose to homeschool their sons?
  • How can parents trust God’s goodness when a child tries to take their own life?
  • Will an unwed pregnant mother go to hell if she doesn’t marry the child’s father?
  • How can families find welcoming churches for children with neurodivergence, such as those on the autism spectrum?

Resources mentioned in this episode include:

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