These days, the world—and the Church—are heavily divided on how to approach issues surrounding race. That’s why writer and higher education instructor Dr. Christina Edmondson and Race, Religion, and Justice Project director Chad Brennan have brought biblical insight into the conversation with their book Faithful Antiracism. On this episode of the VOICES’s Where Ya From? podcast, Christina and Chad join host Rasool Berry to share their research and insights into racial reconciliation.

Guest Bios:

Dr. Christina Edmondson is a writer, educator, and mediator, whose writing has been referenced and featured in a variety of outlets, such as In addition to co-hosting the Truth’s Table podcast, she currently serves as Calvin University’s Dean for Intercultural Student Development.

Chad Brennan earned his master of arts/theological studies from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School and currently serves as the director of the Race, Religion, and Justice Project. Formerly, he mentored and led students from over 30 campuses as part of the college ministry, Cru.

Notes & Quotes:

  • Christina: “When I talk to believers who are part of persecuted groups, they’re desperate to find God in this story of oppression.”
  • Chad: “As Christians, we are not going to effectively change our society if we can’t effectively change ourselves and our own communities.”
  • Christina: “There’s not a hierarchy of who is made more in the image of God versus others.”

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Verses Mentioned:

  • Ephesians 2

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