Injustice is the second most talked about sin in the Bible following idolatry. God is calling His followers to advocate for the marginalized. In this episode of Where Ya From?, Jenn Petersen, the Director of Mobilization for International Justice Mission (IJM) and co-lead pastor of Resurrection Life NYC, shares with host, Rasool Berry, some of the most unimaginable cases of injustice she witnessed that sparked the passion and question, “God, what can I do to make a difference?”

Guest Bio:

Jenn Petersen serves as Director of Mobilization, NYC, for the International Justice Mission. She is also co-leader and founder of Resurrection Life NYC; a multi-ethnic congregation on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Jenn holds a Masters of Divinity from Wesley Seminary along with a Bachelors of Music from the University of Northern Iowa. Jenn’s passion for justice and worship allows her to work with churches, businesses, and non-profit organizations in every domain of the city to advocate for and share the heart of justice God has for the broken and enslaved men, women, and children. She currently lives in Harlem with her husband Branden, their two children, and their dog, Charlie.

Notes & Quotes:

  • “Sometimes you just need to stop and ask, ‘God, what do your people need and how can I help them?”
  • “Injustice is the second biggest sin the Bible talks about after idolatry.”
  • “You can do the work of God by using what He’s already put in your hands.”
  • “Be who God has uniquely created you to be.”
  • “IJM (International Justice Mission) has already rescued 66,000 people.”

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