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Fewer Christians Know Families Who Foster or Adopt
While churches offer more support and encouragement, attendees say they’re less likely to see personal involvement.
More Evangelicals Oppose School Vaccine Requirements
While most still inoculate against MMR, they’re less likely to agree that kids must get the shots to enroll.
Methodist Bishop Wants to ‘Stop Talking About Disaffiliations’ After 2,800 Churches Leave
Council of Bishops sets out to refocus on the UMC congregations that stay after 2023.
Josh Butler Resigns as Pastor Following TGC Article Backlash
The “Beautiful Union” author said the conversation around his book took an intense toll on his Tempe, Arizona, church.
North Carolina Baptists Offer Vacant Church Buildings to Refugees
Christians are helping address affordable housing shortages by opening up their spaces to families from Afghanistan and elsewhere.
How Bethel and Hillsong Took Over Our Worship Sets
“If you have ever felt like most worship music sounds the same, it may be because the worship music … is written by just a handful of songwriters.”
Former SBC Pastor Johnny Hunt Sues Denomination He Once Led
Hunt admits to “kissing and some awkward fondling” but alleges defamation after the account was reported in last year’s Guidepost abuse investigation.
After Pushing for UMC Unity, Former Bishop Joins New Denomination
The Global Methodist Church welcomes Scott Jones, who led Methodists in Texas and had advocated for the “extreme center” and “staying at the table.”
After Chaos and Crisis, Beth Moore Still Finds Refuge in the Church
In a new memoir out this week, the Bible teacher opens up about the abuse of her childhood and the people and God who saved her.
Latino Evangelicals Ask DeSantis to Spare the Life of a Man on Death Row
“We believe in life at all levels and in all circumstances.”
這位身處於創傷知情照顧(Trauma-informed care)第一線的心理學家指出,教會領袖經常選擇保護機構,而不是人。
这位身处于创伤知情照顾(Trauma-informed care)第一线的心理学家指出,教会领袖经常选择保护机构,而不是人。
Evangelicals Fear LGBT Blessings Proposal Would Split the Church of England
Tensions are high at this week’s General Synod, with leaders on both sides frustrated with the suggested compromise on same-sex marriage.
‘He Gets Us’ Super Bowl Ads Part of Billion-Dollar Campaign
Hobby Lobby’s David Green and other Christian funders back three-year effort to reintroduce people to Jesus.
In Kenya, Sign Language Choir Helps Churches Embrace Deaf Culture
Over three decades, the Zion Praise Team has put its faith on display and challenged misconceptions around people with disabilities.
Encuesta: Las iglesias protestantes hispanas son jóvenes, de primera generación y están creciendo
A medida que aumenta la población latina en EE. UU., los investigadores afirman que sus congregaciones destacan en el fomento de la comunidad y la captación de nuevos miembros.
Survey: Hispanic Protestant Churches Are Young, First Gen, and Growing
As the Latino population climbs in the US, researchers say their congregations excel at fostering community and engaging new people.
United Methodists Lose 1,800 Churches in Split Over LGBT Stance
The initial departures, mostly concentrated in the South, represent around 6 percent of the denomination—not as dramatic as the “schism” some feared.
Work Hard, Pray Hard: How Pentecostalism Took Off Among California Laborers
Mexican Americans looked to the vibrant faith for hope, healing, and respite, writes scholar Lloyd Barba.
Fired Baptist Nurse Sues CVS After Refusing to Prescribe Birth Control, Abortion Drugs
The pharmacy chain, featuring in-store MinuteClinics, dropped its religious accommodation in 2021.

Top Story May 29, 2023

Worship Music Is Emotionally Manipulative. Do You Trust the Leader Plucking the Strings?
Worship Music Is Emotionally Manipulative. Do You Trust the Leader Plucking the Strings?
The Spirit is at work, but so are the mechanisms around high-production sets.

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