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Christian Wedding Site Designer Loses Appeal Case
While a baker from the same state won his challenge, court upholds Colorado anti-discrimination requirements for the owner of a creative agency.
A Dozen Female Victims Sue Liberty University Over Abuse Policies
The college is looking into “deeply troubling” allegations from victims who say its procedures were “enabling on-campus rapes.”
Court Upholds Ruling in Favor of InterVarsity at U of Iowa
“We are hard-pressed to find a clearer example of viewpoint discrimination.”
Church of England Considers Evangelical-Inspired Proposal for Lay-Led Churches
Facing decline, Anglicans debate whether the suggestion represents a fresh missional strategy or a radical departure from their theological convictions.
The Latest Biblical Attraction: The Tower of Babel
Answers in Genesis plans a three-year expansion at its Ark Encounter site in Kentucky.
Liberty’s Former Diversity Officer Sues for $8M
The acting president considered hiring the former NFL player as “among his predecessor’s mistakes.”
Evangelical Covenant Church Rebukes Doctrine Justifying Colonization of Native Land
Standing with indigenous people, leaders are also calling for a deeper look into US residential schools.
Jim Bakker to Pay $156K Over COVID-19 Cure Claim
After settlement, the televangelist and his church can no longer sell his Silver Solution as treatment. His lawyers, though, say state officials “unfairly targeted” the show.
Most Pastors Agree Abuse Should Ban Them from Ministry
Misconduct toward children or adults is seen as a permanent disqualification across almost all denominations.
Philip Yancey: We’re Still Living in Fear, Still Need Amazing Grace
During a time of political divisions, the popular author urges fellow believers to “remember why we are here.”
Even Pastors Are Pessimistic About the Future of Denominations
As nondenominational identity grows, evangelical pastors are less likely to consider such affiliations vital today and few see their importance holding steady over the next 10 years.
Rick Warren Announces Search for Saddleback Replacement
Purpose-driven pastor has “zero regrets, zero fears, zero worries.”
Washington State Debates What to Do With Missionary Statues
A monument to Marcus Whitman is being pulled from the US Capitol, and some students want a second removed from the college that bears his name.
More Churches Closed than Opened in 2019. Then Came the Pandemic.
Losses have denominations focused on church planting and revitalization, but it’s been a challenge.
Friendly Neighborhood Epidemiologist Deploys Expert Advice With Christian Love
The Baylor professor’s Facebook page took off with answers around COVID-19 precautions and vaccinations.
Supreme Court’s Next Abortion Case Could Be a Pro-Life Turning Point
Evangelicals anticipate a ruling on Mississippi’s 15-week ban as a possible first step toward overturning Roe v. Wade.
Mask Up and Get Back to Church: CDC Endorses Indoor Worship After Vaccination
Gathering at full-capacity is now listed among safe activities for people who have gotten the COVID-19 shot.
Prisons Reopen to Ministry with Recent Visits from Lecrae and Justin Bieber
Prison Fellowship’s “Second Chance Month” corresponds with easing of pandemic restrictions at many facilities.
Liberty Sues Jerry Falwell Jr. for $10M Over Sex Scandal
The university alleges the former president manipulated the board to create a “safety net” for himself while anticipating the backlash of his marital scandal and Trump support.
Hype Meets Holy in Modern Bible Design
The latest “premium” text has a bright red cover, street art-inspired calligraphy, and a $300 price tag.

Top Story August 3, 2021

South Carolina Woman Completes Handwritten Bible
Nine Years, 782,000 Words Later, South Carolina Woman Completes Handwritten Bible
Caroline Campbell’s project aims to inspire Christians to learn Scripture and see disabilities as a gift to the church.

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