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Dozens of North Carolina Methodist Churches Join Over 6,000 Leaving Denomination
After their lawsuit was dismissed earlier this year, the group of 36 congregations will disaffiliate in November according to the UMC’s exit plan.
Take Me Out to the Faith Night
More than half of MLB teams offer an annual post-game program with worship and testimony from Christian players.
Southern Baptist EC President Resigns Over Falsified Résumé
Willie McLaurin is the third Executive Committee head in a row to step down amid controversy.
United Methodist Pastors Less Healthy, More Depressed Than a Decade Ago
A new survey finds clergy well-being has become a more serious problem as the denomination splits.
After Another Kidnapping, Many Haitian Christians Can’t Travel, Work, or Worship Safely
The threat of gang violence around Port-au-Prince continues to disrupt ministry.
Died: Former NAE President Arthur Gay, Who Introduced Reagan’s ‘Evil Empire’ Speech
The longtime Illinois pastor led the National Association of Evangelicals and World Relief around the fall of the Soviet Union.
Bishop’s Elevation May End Kenyan Methodist Turmoil
Isaiah Deye is elected to replace Joseph Ntombura, who was accused of mishandling church funds.
‘The Chosen’ Will Film Through Hollywood Strike with Indie Show Exemption
The crowdfunded show received approval writers’ and actors’ unions to wrap on Season 4.
6 Reasons Bedside Baptist and Church of the Holy Comforter Are So Popular
Survey examines how weather, sports, and sleep affect if and when churchgoers go to church.
Churches Continue to Sing Hillsong and Bethel Despite Controversies
Study: Worship leaders say they don’t care what music tops the charts, but trust peer recommendations and what they have heard at conferences.
Black Churches Concerned About Expulsion from SBC
Letter from the denomination’s National African American Fellowship says vote on Saddleback and Fern Creek could “disproportionately impact” minority congregations.
Medical Missionary Leaves After 50 Faithful Years
Rebekah Naylor, 79, is stepping down from International Mission Board.
Steven Furtick’s Elevation Church Leaves the SBC
The megachurch, known for its popular Elevation Music, has voluntarily withdrawn two weeks after the recent Southern Baptist annual meeting.
Supreme Court Sides With Christian Who Won’t Make Gay Wedding Sites
Ruling: Colorado can’t “force all manner of artists, speechwriters, and others whose services involve speech to speak what they do not believe.”
For Worship Bands, Auto-Tune Covers a Multitude of Sins
In the livestreaming era, church sound booths are upping their game.
Biden Administration Drops HHS ‘Transgender Mandate’
Evangelicals in medicine won’t be subjected to the contested federal requirement that faced years of legal backlash.
Hundreds of Nigerian Christians Killed in Recent Attacks
Officials blame fighters targeting “ethnoreligious minorities as well as houses of worship and religious ceremonies.”
Southwestern Seminary Blames $140M Deficit on Overspending
Over 20 years and two presidencies, the school went millions beyond its budget while enrollment continued to decline.
Most US Pastors Use Armed Congregants as Church Security
With shootings on the rise, more churches are dropping no-firearms policies and turning to gun-carriers in their flock, survey finds.
Fewer Christians Know Families Who Foster or Adopt
While churches offer more support and encouragement, attendees say they’re less likely to see personal involvement.

Top Story September 22, 2023

PEPFAR Fight Worries African Christian Leaders
PEPFAR Fight Worries African Christian Leaders
Those in the countries where the HIV/AIDS program has saved millions of lives feel sidelined by the American debate.

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