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Jesus Out of FocusSubscriber Access Only
The Da Vinci Code is raising issues that go to the heart of the Christian faith—and it's starting to confuse us all.
What the Teaching Can Teach UsSubscriber Access Only
Not all extracanonical manuscripts reveal a 'lost Christianity.' The church's earliest discipleship manual—the Didache—is as orthodox and relevant as it gets.
A Faith Tailored Just for YouSubscriber Access Only
The hoopla over the Gospel of Judas is both absurd and revealing.
Q&A: Darrell BockSubscriber Access Only
CT spoke with Bock, Dallas Theological Seminary research professor of New Testament and author of the forthcoming The Missing Gospels (Nelson), about the stir caused by the Gospel of Judas release in early April.
Betrayed AgainSubscriber Access Only
The Gospel of Judas Roadshow.
The Jesus and Judas Papers: A Look at Recent Claims about JesusSubscriber Access Only
Questions about history may be sincere, but make no mistake: There is an agenda at work.
Kisses for JudasSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Christian college dismisses student newspaper editors, PCUSA cutting 13% of budget, Jamaica's "theocratic" new PM, American Idol's Mandisa controversy, and other stories from online sources around the world.
Jesus Didn't Walk on Water, Judas Was a Hero, Evolution 'Proved,' Prayer Doesn't Work ...Subscriber Access Only
The week's top hyperboles, plus links to more than 350 religion news and opinion stories from online sources from around the world.
The Judas We Never KnewSubscriber Access Only
Disgraced disciple actually conspired with Jesus, according to newly released Gospel of Judas. Should we believe it?
Why the 'Lost Gospels' Lost OutSubscriber Access Only
Recent gadfly theories about church council conspiracies that manipulated the New Testament into existence are bad—really bad-history.
The Life & Times of Jesus of Nazareth: Galilean Rabbi or Universal Lord?Subscriber Access Only
Despite earlier failings, the quest for the historical Jesus still matters. Our interview with N.T. Wright.
What About Purgatory?Subscriber Access Only
The doctrinal grounding of Dante's mysterious mountain.
How We Got our Old TestamentSubscriber Access Only
The process was long and complex, and the result is still a matter of dispute.
More Than One BibleSubscriber Access Only
Christians still disagree over the content of the Old Testament.
405 Jerome Completes the VulgateSubscriber Access Only
This Latin translation stood as the preeminent Bible text for centuries—and set the standard for future translators.
Right and Wrong Uses of the ApocryphaSubscriber Access Only

Top Story August 15, 2020

Eight Prayers for the Online Dating Journey
Eight Prayers for the Online Dating Journey
Here are a few lines to pray before swiping left or right.

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