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Bertaruh Nyawa di ‘Negeri Atas Awan’
Di pegunungan Papua, para misionaris dan kaum profesional Indonesia bersama melayani mereka yang terhilang.
Life and Death in ‘The Land of the Clouds’
In the mountains of Papua, missionaries and Indonesian professionals serve the lost together.
Worst Translations relating to Women 4
The greatest impact? 1 Tim. 2:12
Worst NT Translations relation to Women 3
The most misleading? 1 Cor. 7:4 and 1 Tim. 5:13
Worst Translations relating to Women 2
The most negative description? 2 Tim. 3:6
Worst NT Translations Relating to Women 1
The least justified? 1 Cor. 11:10 and Rom. 16:7
Sign Language Bible Complete After 39 Years
Translation was led by deaf people trained in the biblical languages.
Blessed by ‘The Blessing’ in the World’s Indigenous Languages
Knowing how other Christians translate Numbers 6 can take us from merely being “#blessed” to being “pierced by words that cause grace.”
J. I. Packer, ‘Knowing God’ Author, Dies at 93
The influential evangelical theologian leaves a final lesson for the church: Glorify Christ every way.
American Bible Society’s New President Sees a Bible Revolution
Robert Briggs will oversee the launch of a Philadelphia-based Bible history center and continue to foster partnerships to accelerate global translations.
Local Churches Seize the Initiative of Bible Translation
Advances in technology mean Christians without Scripture don't have to wait.
Died: Francis I. Andersen, Scholar Who Used Computers to Study the Bible
He found ‘awesome reality of a living God’ in the grammar and syntax of Hebrew Scripture.
The Democratic Candidates’ Favorite Bible Verses
Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, and Cory Booker are quoting a lot of Scripture on the campaign trail.
Collaboration: Is It Time?
Every Tribe Every Nation has found that collective impact is the key to further God's kingdom.
Gained in Translation
Having the Bible in our own language is a gift we shouldn't take for granted.
How Prison Ministry Inspired an All-Female Audio Bible
Working with at-risk and abused women led SBC teacher Ann White to fill an unexpected need.
Bible Translation Projects Are Preserving Endangered Languages
While the world loses a language every 40 days, translation efforts bring new life to threatened tongues.
Scripture Says, ‘Sisters, I’m Talking to All Y’all’
After three decades of Bible reading, I discovered something unexpected about the New Testament’s intended audience.
No Sign Language in the World Has Its Own Bible Translation
Deaf communities around the world are still waiting to experience God's Word in their first language. How much longer will it be?

Top Story December 3, 2020

CT Media Presents: God Pops Up in Southeast Asia
CT Media Presents: God Pops Up in Southeast Asia
When the government blocked his Christian radio station, Chanda had to find another way to spread the Good News of Jesus. His answer came on a microchip.

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